Cinefantastique - 4th ish

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Cinefantastique - 4th ish

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CINEFANTASTIQUE - 4th issue (Sept. 1971)

The cover of the 4th issue was, of course, a painting of Rod Taylor from The Time Machine (1960) by Larry Byrd.
The back was a close-up profile shot of the Tiny Tim character from Scrooge.

Clarke's Sense of Wonder editorial tackled a number of subjects; the main one was about television anthology series, especially Night Gallery, a poor replacement for The Twilight Zone, according to Clarke. In fact, he mentions the infamous 'mousetrap & mice on the moon' segment as the nadir of the series: "That such an idea could ever become more than just an idea, that it could survive a treatment, a first draft, a final draft, that it could go into production before someone on the production team laughingly deposited it in the nearest waste basket is an indication that Serling & Co. is merely interested in filling up air time with whatever vacuity is at hand."

The first article was about ABC's MOVIE OF THE WEEK, the prime samples of which were The Immortal (pilot for the series), The Challenge, The Love War, How Awful About Allan, The Last Child and Night Slaves. The 2nd (and bigger) article was THE FIVE FACES OF GEORGE PAL - Architect, Animator, Puppeteer, The Great Producer and... to be continued.
Film Reviews: Escape From the Planet of the Apes; Scars of Dracula; Horror of Frankenstein; Blood on Satan's Claw; Daughters of Darkness; Island of the Burning Damned (Doomed; a.k.a.Night of the Big Heat); Glen and Randa; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (a re-release) and Willard.

COMING films I never heard of: The Agony on the Face of a Carousel Horse Idea Bride of Hades Idea Color of Blood Idea Everyman Idea The First Team Idea The Last Generation Idea The Night of The Damned Idea The Plastic Man Idea The Serpent God
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