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Cinefantastique - 5th ish

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CINEFANTASTIQUE - 5th issue (March, 1972)
The cover of the 5th issue was a close-up of the beautiful Jacqueline Bisset from The Mephisto Waltz; the back was a still of Christopher Lee as Hammer's Dracula. This was the first of the 2nd volume. There was another first in this one - this was the first issue with some interior color pictures; there were only a couple, but they were beauties:
This issue contained the long-awaited 2nd part of Mark Wolf's STOP FRAME: THE HISTORY AND TECHNIQUE OF FANTASY FILM ANIMATION. This time, Wolf concentrated on front projection techniques, then made famous recently in 2001: A Space Odyssey. This article delved into composite matte photography, the optical printer and... sodium vapor Question Exclamation

There was an interview with Alan Gadney, director of Moon Child (Moon Child?) and with Paul Wendkos, director of The Mephisto Waltz and several episodes of The Invaders. Also, a short piece on the film Flesh Gordon, the soft porn version of the Flash Gordon hero.

Film Reviews: The Devils; Horror of the Blood Monsters; Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; The Clowns; The Reincarnate; The Gladiators; Lust for a Vampire; Night of Dark Shadows; The Omega Man; The Brotherhood of Satan and another review of Willard.

NEWS AND NOTES covered Trieste '71; THE SCORE included commentary on the music for The Hellstrom Chronicle and Ice Station Zebra; and there was a look at Dracula Today, being filmed with stars Peter Cushing & Chris Lee (now known as Dracula A.D.1972).

COMING films I never heard of: Earthquake 1980 Idea Frankenstein vs. Dracula (not the same as Dracula vs. Frankenstein, this was to star Michael Rennie) Idea The Frog (not the same as Frogs) Idea House of 100 Horrors Idea The Naked Mare stars Barbara Bouchet Idea A Place Called Today Idea The Tin Men Idea Waldo
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