Cinefantastique - 15th ish

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Cinefantastique - 15th ish

Post  BoG on Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:53 pm

CINEFANTASTIQUE - 15th issue (Fall, 1975)
The cover was by Dave Ludwig, representing the films of Terence Fisher.
The back was another still of Christopher Lee as Dracula; they liked these at this mag.

The main article, TERENCE FISHER:THE HUMAN SIDE, focuses mainly on his Hammer films, dismissing his sf films for Planet Films in one small paragraph. The 2nd article is a lengthy interview with Fisher. Fisher stressed how he was a working director - not someone who could pick & choose his projects. There are a lot of b&w behind-the-scenes stills.

Film Reviews: Rollerball; It's Alive; Donkey Skin; Tommy; The Day of the Locust. There is also a SHORT NOTICE review of Death Race 2000. Finally, in the back, an article on Closed Mondays, a claymation short which won awards.
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