Bond Mania in the Sixties

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Bond Mania in the Sixties

Post  BoG on Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:37 pm

Bond mania spilled over into all the other studios everywhere in the mid-sixties, all attempting to capture some of that patented Bond success. Here is just a partial list of spy / secret agent films released in 1966 (and this is only 1966; there was more in 1967, 1968, etc.):

Arabesque Arrow Assignment:Female Arrow Bang! Bang! You're Dead Arrow Blindfold Arrow Borman Arrow Brides of Fu Manchu Arrow Caprice Arrow Come Spy With Me Arrow Danger!Death Ray! Arrow The Defector Arrow The Destructors Arrow Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs Arrow Funeral in Berlin Arrow Girl From S.I.N. Arrow I Deal in Danger Arrow Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die Arrow Last of the Secret Agents? Arrow The Liquidator Arrow A Man Could Get Killed Arrow Modesty Blaise Arrow Murderer's Row Arrow One Spy Too Many Arrow Operation Apocalypse Arrow Our Man Flint Arrow various OSS 117 films Arrow Perry Grant-Agent of Iron Arrow The Poppy is also a Flower Arrow The Quiller Memorandum Arrow Secret Agent Fireball Arrow Secret Agent Super Dragon Arrow The Silencers Arrow The Spy in the Green Hat Arrow Spy in Your Eye Arrow The Spy With My Face Arrow Tarzan and the Valley of Gold Arrow To Trap a Spy Arrow Top Secret Arrow Torn Curtain and etc.

Note how even other franchises - the Tarzan films - attempted to shift to the super agent style. I'm still finding out about films from that decade; about a year ago, someone pointed out a film to me called A Man Called Dagger, from '67, which I still had not been aware of, after all this time. Those crazy sixties...
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Bond copies

Post  BoG on Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:38 pm

I obtained the list in the previous post from a book called James Bond the Legacy by John Cork. The list was intended as a partial list of films only from 1966. However, release years can be problematic for some of the obscure films of that era. For example, the list contained Danger!Death Ray!, but this film is listed with a release year of 1967 on IMDb.

Other films from that era: Sol Madrid - this is another film which I must confess I am not too familiar with. Cool
Danger!Death Ray! starred Gordon Scott of Tarzan fame. Other obscurities of that time: Where the Bullets Fly (1966), Hammerhead (1968), the Kommissar X films, Target Goldseven (1966) and OK Connery, which starred Neil Connery, Sean's brother! (and also known as Operation Double 007)