Timeline of the Future explained

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Timeline of the Future explained

Post  BoG on Thu May 06, 2010 1:10 pm

Way back in 1993, I decided to put together a list of science fiction films taking place in some future time, based on the year each film depicted. Each film depicted a future - a future year and a future scenario, usually on Earth. Of course, as time went on, some of the films no longer depicted a future, but some alternate version of existence. I would add films to the list as new sci-fi films were released or I obtained info on a film I didn't have before. Not all sci-fi films taking place in the future name a definite year and most of these are not included. For some, I made a best guess, based on some points in the film itself; these are noted with an 'e' for estimated. I also excluded, with a few exceptions, many animated films and animated TV series, as some of them are too cartoon-like and do not belong on such a list. Oh, yes, I began to add in several TV series to the list later.

I transferred the list to a new computer in 1996, a computer which has since become my eldest computer and finally gave up the mechanized ghost a month ago. I was able to save some information and transfer it to a Wordpad document (it was previously in an old word processing program named 'First' or 'First Choice'). The list made it through intact, I think, and it galvanized me to place it here, before something else happens. I've never seen a list quite like this anywhere else; Wikipedia, for example, has similar information, but not organized on one 'master list' like this. The list can be, of course, changed, corrected and expanded. I'm not claiming it's complete or finalized.

Quite a few films at the start of the list are already outdated - obviously, any film taking place in 2010 or before falls into this trap. And, perhaps, even a few films taking place in later years. The year before, 2009, for example, can be looked upon as the year of Freejack (1992); I haven't seen this film in a few years but, based on memory, it no longer offers a very accurate picture of tomorrow. Back to the Future,part II (1989), taking place only 3 years from now, has flying cars; I don't think so, y'know? In some of these films, only a small portion or portions of the film actually takes place in the future and I've noted those. Any comments, corrections, additions...you know the drill - just post below. Looking forward to... The FUTURE! Arrow
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