episode #30: The Outrageous Okona

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episode #30: The Outrageous Okona

Post  BoG on Sat May 08, 2010 12:24 am

THE OUTRAGEOUS OKONA episode #4, s2 / Air Date: 12/12/88
written by Burton Armus; Directed by Robert Becker

Capt. Okona (William Campbell, who would play The Rocketeer soon) is what's known as a rogue. He's another take on the Han Solo character archetype - a guy who transports various cargo, lives by his own rules  and seduces women in his spare time. His ship is malfunctioning and the Enterprise personnel lend a hand. This is a sample of grafting elements from Star Wars-type movies, perhaps of a lower budget, into the Trek universe... and it doesn't work very well. Okona charms Wesley, seduces a few female Enterprise crew members (including one played by Teri Hatcher in an early role) and it then turns out he is being pursued by a couple of ships with people who have gripes - one man accuses him of being a thief, the other of impregnating his daughter.  tongue
The secondary storyline is even worse: Data looks into the concept of humor; his quest takes him to the holodeck, where he conjures up a classic stand-up comedian (played by Joe Piscopo). These scenes, especially the attempts to recreate some Jerry Lewis-type shticks, are painful to watch. In both cases, this episode also transplants common 20th-century sensibilities into the 24th, such as "arcane" notions of shotgun weddings and warring families. I suppose this allows the Trekmakers (and Roddenberry) to comment on such archaic notions from the vantage point of a far future, enforcing 'free love'  values, but all I got from this is that the Enterprise has a couple of loose women as part of the crew.

Guinan also shows up to help out Data; you would think this would be a natural for Whoopi; it isn't. The main story... uh, thrust, as it were, is that Okona is  not as irresponsible as we all thought and is actually kind of a good guy; there's even a happy ending... boring!  BoG's Score: 4 out of 10

Star Trek The Next Generation Season 2 Episode... by mutterz
TNG Trivia: actor Campbell is best known to sf fans for playing the hero in The Rocketeer (91)

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