episode #31: Loud as a Whisper

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episode #31: Loud as a Whisper

Post  BoG on Sat May 08, 2010 12:15 pm

LOUD AS A WHISPER episode #5, season #2 / Air Date: 1/9/89
written by Jacqueline Zambrano; Directed by Larry Shaw

This features an intriguing concept: a famous mediator, Riva (played by deaf Howie Seago), is always accompanied by his 'chorus' - a trio which do all his speaking, since Riva is a deaf mute. Through the centuries, this culture has evolved this symbiotic relationship, another depiction of heightened empathy (like Troi). Each member of the chorus represents several basic facets of Riva - one is the intellectual, the other the passionate warrior, the female is.. harmony and binds it all together; each can project Riva's feelings as well as the words.
Riva's latest task is to mediate a peace between two warring factions on a planet where the fighting has been going on for quite some time; as Riker puts it, they probably are running out of people to kill - that's the only reason they are willing to let Riva negotiate. But, as we might expect, things will not go smoothly after the beam down. This episode presents a slightly more grisly depiction of death by phaser-like weapons; rather than seeing persons evaporate, we see their skeletal structures briefly, as if the weapons are slightly less potent than the standard phaser.

It's all, as said, intriguing, but the execution is dull  Sleep  ; there is a lot of talking in this one (expected) and except when Picard grabs Riva at one point to yell something at him (hey, Picard - he's deaf - yelling won't help), everyone is quite subdued, almost sleepwalking through their roles. Riva comes across as unlikable from the get-go, even if he doesn't talk, so that's not good. The deaths are sudden and somewhat shocking - but that's 2 seconds worth. And, I wasn't sure what to make of the ending, when everyone just assumes that Riva's plan will work out splendidly. BoG's Score: 5 out of 10
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