Episode #101: Redemption II

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Episode #101: Redemption II

Post  BoG on Mon May 31, 2010 11:07 pm

REDEMPTION II - episode #1 of 5th season / Air Date: 9/23/91
written by Ronald D. Moore; Directed by David Carson

I will say, one thing about some of these TNG 2-parters - they do approach the level of an actual film in some respects; maybe it's a low budget sci-fi film, but nonetheless... there's a scope to these and the suggestion of an epic saga that is rare in series television even today. Picard has had a bit of a change of mind since the end of the first part: since he's sure that Romulans are helping the Duras side in the Klingon Civil War, he convinces Starfleet Admiralty to place him in charge of a blockade - a string of ships will set up a net which would, in theory, detect & halt Romulan ships attempting to supply the Duras side.
Meanwhile, those crazy Klingons are meeting in a neutral location, drinking & carousing & bashing each others heads - those wild & crazy Klingons! Worf, showing his Starfleet influence, prefers more order & planning, but his bro convinces him to let go. Of course, this provides a ripe moment for a couple of Klingons to catch Worf off-guard and kidnap him. See, Lursa & B'Etor now try to seduce Worf - what is it with these Klingon sisters? They can't seem to get beyond this method.
In a surprisingly interesting, unexpected subplot, Data speaks up and asks Picard why he hasn't been assigned a ship to captain, like Riker (Data has about 26 years of Starfleet experience - but why is there such a shortage of captains, unless it has to do with the Borg battle?). Picard, in a rare moment of realizing he blew it, assigns Data to a ship; over there, Data has instant tension with his first officer, who doesn't think much of androids. This is another example of when Data must simply be mimicking human behavior, since he raises his voice and appears to get angry in a couple of moments - pure emotional states - but it must be just for show, to get a point across.

In a key moment, Picard meets the Romulan commander Sela (Denise Crosby), who looks just like Tasha Yar; this is stunning to him and others in the crew. Guinan fills in some gaps and then Sela tells Picard her backstory: her mom was indeed Tasha Yar (from an alternate timeline), killed when she tried to escape the Romulans. Sela seems to be thoroughly Romulan, however, even if she is half-human. There is a baffling moment to me later, when Worf sees Sela on a viewscreen and has no reaction - I know Klingons can be dense, but... scratch
I'm also unclear as to why it is so easy to resign one's commission and then return to duty in the 24th century - I guess Worf is a special case, uh? They made a big deal out of his resigning at the end of the 1st part; this is why it wasn't much of a cliffhanger in retrospect. Also, the fact that it was established how Klingons & Romulans hated each other in earlier episodes makes this secret alliance, especially on the part of the Klingons, a bit tough to buy into - but I guess the Duras family is just worthless as Klingons go. BoG's Score: 7 out of 10

TNG Trivia: Sela would return later in the season in the 2-part Unification
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