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The Science Fictionary

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Published by Wideview books, 1980 * 388 pages * softcover
Science Fiction + dictionary = Science Fictionary. A-ha! This was Ed Naha's follow-up to his HORRORS FROM SCREEN TO SCREAM. The book is divided into 3 sections. The first one is the Films, at about 235 pages. This features almost all sci-fi, fantasy and some horror films until 1980; it includes stuff such as James Bond films. Naha usually offers a summary of the film's plot and not much in the way of commentary/opinion. Each entry also contains the production credits and main actors.

The 2nd section is Television, at about 55 pages. This follows the same format, focusing on TV series, TV animated series and TV movies in the Sci-Fi vein. The 3rd section is titled Authors, at 70 pages, and offers brief bios & overviews of the most famed writers in science fiction. Finally, there's a back section on Awards, Magazines (a list of all those old ones which featured sci-fi stories) and Themes (a 2-page list).

There were both hardcover and softcover editions; I have the softcover. It's medium-sized, about 5"x 8" and one can get it on places like for a couple of bucks.
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