episode #30 - Blast Off into Space

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episode #30 - Blast Off into Space

Post  BoG on Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:55 pm

episode #30 / Air Date: 9/9/66 - the first episode in color
(episode #1 of 2nd season) written by Peter Packer; Directed by Nathan Juran
A series of earthquakes are rocking the planet the Robinsons have been stuck on. John determines that the planet's core will tear apart in about a day. Fortunately, they are just finishing getting enough deutronium for the ship's fuel and can take off just under the time limit. It turns out, however, that a space prospector* named Nerim (Strother Martin) has caused this problem with his explosives. He mines for a substance called Cosmonium and uses diamonds just to power his refining machinery. Smith, of course, covets this stuff soon enough and manages to sabotage the ship once more in his quest for riches. bom

In another weird subplot, Smith indulges in another of his temporary obsessions by erecting an abstract statue as a tribute to himself. Towards the end, a vial of this Cosmonium causes this statue to come to life. This is, in essence, another goofy Lost in Space development, but the sight of this newly-born creature seeking something from its creator (Smith) also recalls the best of the Frankenstein mythology; the show sometimes managed these creepy, surreal moments - by accident or design, who can say?

*the space prospector character places another iconic figure into outer space, a la (from the first season) the space cowboy (Welcome Stranger) and the space pirate (The Sky Pirate).
Do they make it off the planet? Who can say? Tune in and see - in color! BoG's Score: 6 out of 10

Lost in Space Trivia: Smith drives the Chariot a lot in this episode - unusual in itself; but, the long shots are just colored stock footage from the first season; in one shot, you can see into the interior of the vehicle for a couple of seconds, where are seated a couple of Robinsons in parkas - not Smith.

Epilogue Tag: the Jupiter 2 is suddenly in the path of a huge red asteroid or meteor; "We've Had it!" yells John; just as it is about to hit... freeze frame!

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