The Modern (Computer) Age of Sci-Fi

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The Modern (Computer) Age of Sci-Fi

The MODERN AGE of Sci-Fi (or, the COMPUTER AGE)

1991: FILMs Star Trek VI the Undiscovered Country-the final Trek film with all the TOS cast
_____ Terminator 2:Judgment Day by James Cameron revolutionizes computer FX in sf films
_____ and The Rocketeer, based on the comic book by Dave Stevens, flies out of the barn

_____ TV The Boy From Andromeda is a joint New Zealand/Canadian 6-episode series
_____ while Eerie,Indiana is pure Americana - just eccentric - for a year of 19 episodes

_____ NOVELs Death Qualified by Kate Wilhelm; The Silicon Man by Charles Platt
_____ magazine Scary Monsters is launched


1992: FILMs Alien3 by David Fincher; The Lawnmower Man; Universal Soldier

_____ TV The Sci Fi Channel is launched by USA Networks,supposedly specializing in sci-fi
_____ CARDs - SAUCER PEOPLE UFO Boxed Card Set, a 36-card set from Kitchen Sink

_____ NOVELs A Million Open Doors by John Barnes; Steel Beach by John Varley
_____ Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

_____ magazine Science Fiction Age is launched,combining Bradbury and Star Trek
_____ COMIX The Maximortal limited series by Rick Veitch


1993: FILMs Jurassic Park by Spielberg & Crichton; Demolition Man; Fire in the Sky

_____ TV Star Trek Deep Space Nine begins stationary trek of 7 years;Babylon 5 pilot
_____ Seaquest DSV goes for only 2 years; but The X-Files lasts for about a decade
_____ The Adventures of Briscoe County is more Steampunk-style (Wild, Wild West)
_____ and Lois & Clark the New Adventures of Superman begin, lasting for 4 years;

_____ also, Time Trax, another time travel take a la Timecop, lasts for only one year;
_____ there were also the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,the hottest kids show to this point
_____ MonsterVision begins to air sci-fi/horror films on TNT,hosted by Joe Bob Briggs from'95
_____  the TV movie 12:01,a version of Groundhog Day concept-repeating day over & over

_____ NOVELs Moving Mars by Greg Bear; Red Dust by Paul J. McAuley;
_____ Anti-Ice by Stephen Baxter; The Book of the Long Sun (1st installment) by Gene Wolfe
_____ nonfiction Encyclopedia of Science Fiction hugely expands on the '79 edition,wins awards

1994: FILMs Stargate; Timecop; Star Trek Generations; No Escape; Frankenstein

_____ TV Babylon 5 regular series begins a 5 year run, known as novel for television
_____ also, Earth 2 begins a real 'wagon train to the stars' but for only one year
_____ Robocop transfers to the small screen but also only for one year...
_____ and M.A.N.T.I.S., about an Iron Man-like suit, also lasts only a year
_____ and Space Precinct, a magnum opus from Gerry Anderson, lasts... only a year!

_____ there were also the Tek telefilms: TekWar; TekLords; TekLab & TekJustice; Tek it!
_____ (also earlier Tek novels by William Shatner & Ron Goulart; and  comic books)

_____ NOVELs Necroville by Ian McDonald; Half the Day is Night by Maureen F. McHugh
_____ and Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks; collection The Ultimate Egoist from T.Sturgeon


FILMs 12 Monkeys; Waterworld; the otherworldly Batman Forever;
_____ Virtuosity; Strange Days; Species; Judge Dredd; Johnny Mnemonic


_____ TV Star Trek Voyager begins the trek home for 7 years; Sliders stays on for 5 years
____the new Outer Limits begins on Showtime,then SciFi Channel,until 2002 for 154 episodes
_____ Space: Above and Beyond-only one year; Stephen King's The Langoliers airs
_____ also, VR.5 concentrated on virtual reality, lasting only 13 episodes(only 10 aired)
_____ and the TekWar series follows the telefilms of the previous year,for 18 episodes

_____ NOVELS The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson; The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter
_____ nonfiction Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia hardcover by John Clute
_____ magazine Star Trek Monthly (then Star Trek Magazine) launched in UK by Titan;
_____ Star Trek Communicator is new name (with#100) of The Official Fan Club Magazine
_____ also - in UK - magazine SFX, as an alternative to Starburst and the like


FILMs Independence Day; The Arrival; Mars Attacks;
_____ Multiplicity; Star Trek First Contact; Escape From L.A.

_____ TV Dark Skies premieres, lasting for only one year or 17 episodes+2-hour pilot
_____ and The Pretender debuts, running around for 4 years or 86 episodes; also
_____ 3rd Rock From the Sun, a comedic take on alien visitors, goes for 6 seasons...

_____ NOVELS Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson; Holy Fire by Bruce Sterling
_____ magazine Outre (presented by Filmfax) is launched


FILMs Men in Black; Starship Troopers; Contact; Cube; The Postman
_____ The Fifth Element; Gattaca; Event Horizon
; Dante's Peak; Volcano

_____ TV Stargate SG-1,follow-up to the film (94), premieres,lasts for a decade on 2 channels
_____ while Earth:Final Conflict is another old Gene Roddenberry idea, lasting 5 years and
_____ The Visitor, about aliens in the Bermuda Triangle, lasts only 12 episodes

_____ NOVELs Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman; Jack Faust by Michael Swanwick
_____ nonfiction Forrest J Ackerman's World of Science Fiction hardcover


1998: FILMs Armageddon; Deep Impact; Deep Rising; Phantoms; The Truman Show;
_____ Dark City; Pi; Sphere; Soldier; Godzilla; Star Trek Insurrection; Lost in Space

_____ TV Seven Days, about the use of short-term time travel, goes for 3 years on UPN
_____ and Prey, about the next step in human evolution, lasts only 13 episodes on ABC
_____ Invasion:Earth is a 6-part British mini-series taking place in Scotland

_____ NOVEL Darwinia by Robert Charles Wilson


1999: FILMs The Matrix; the 13th Floor; The Phantom Menace; Galaxy Quest; Bicentennial Man

_____ TV Farscape debuts,filmed in Australia then for Sci Fi Channel,ends abruptly after 4 years
_____ Futurama, a cartoon of year 3000, also lasts 4 years, but returns in DVD movies and
_____ Roughnecks: Starship Troopers, a CGI-animated series, starts up for 36 episodes
_____ Now and Again, about a constructed superhuman, lasts for only one year

_____ NOVELs  A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge; Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
_____ nonfiction Science Fiction of the 20th Century An Illustrated History hc by Frank M. Robinson
_____ magazine Star Trek: The Magazine begins in the U.S., for 3 volumes - almost 4 years

_____ COMIX The World Below by Paul Chadwick, a 4-issue series, followed by sequel


2000: FILMs Mission to Mars; Red Planet; The 6th Day; Frequency; Pitch Black; X-Men
_____ Battlefield Earth based on Ron Hubbard's big book; Hollow Man; The Cell; Supernova

_____ TV Andromeda (an old idea of Gene Roddenberry) premieres and lasts 5 years
_____ Dark Angel, a new idea from James Cameron, lasts for 2 seasons or 42 episodes
_____ Fail Safe is a live b&w TV Remake vanity project produced by,starring George Clooney
_____ and Frank Herbert's Dune is a new mini-series version of the famed novel

_____ NOVELs Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer; Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson
_____ The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon
_____ nonfiction THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FANTASTIC FILM Ali Baba to Zombies


2001: FILMs A.I.; Evolution; Ghosts of Mars; The One; Vanilla Sky; Planet of the Apes remake;
_____ The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra recalls the low-budget sci-fi films of the fifties;
_____ Final Fantasy The Spirits Within employs state-of-the-art computer animation for sci-fi

_____ TV Enterprise (Star Trek), a prequel to TOS, premieres but limps to only a 4th season;
_____ Smallville premieres and will last at least a decade (renewed for 9th & 10th seasons)
_____ and Black Scorpion, a female super-hero, also airs for just one season on Sci Fi Channel

_____ NOVELs American Gods by Neil Gaiman; Cosmonaut Keep by Ken MacLeod
_____ nonfiction The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies by C.J. Henderson


2002: FILMs Minority Report; Attack of the Clones (Star Wars II); Spider-Man (b.o.record!);
_____ Signs; Star Trek Nemesis (final TNG film); remakes .shtml]Solaris; Rollerball; The Time Machine
_____ 28 Days Later (sequel 28 Weeks Later... 5 years later); Reign of Fire
_____ Eight-Legged Freaks and Die Another Day, last Brosnan Bonder, has many sci-fi elements

_____ TV Firefly lasts only one year, but becomes a cult show (a film sequel arrives in 2005);
_____ also, Odyssey 5 arrives on Showtime but ends abruptly after a season-and-a-half; and
_____ The Twilight Zone, the 3rd incarnation, arrives with new episodes, but only for one year;
_____ Birds of Prey premieres, offspring of Batman - a sequel sort of, but lasts only 13 episodes;
_____ Jeremiah, a near future when all adults die off, begins; lasts two years on Showtime;
_____ finally, Taken is a big 10-part mini-series from producer Steven Spielberg & Sci Fi Channel

_____ NOVELs Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer; Kiln People by David Brin
_____ COMIX The Ultimates, a more realistic version of The Avengers, from Marvel's Ultimate line
_____ The 1st Sci-Fi-London (London International Festival of Science Fiction And Fantastic Film)


2003: FILMs X2 (X-Men 2); The Hulk; The Core; Timeline; Paycheck; Dreamcatcher;
_____ sequels
The Matrix Reloaded & Matrix Revolutions, Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines

_____ TV Battlestar Galactica (remake) mini-series/telefilm airs late in the year (Dec.)
_____ also, Tru Calling premieres, canceled abruptly only 6 episodes into its 2nd year
_____ and Frank Herbert's Children of Dune is a mini-series sequel to the 1st one
_____ Riverworld, a loose adaptation of To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Philip Jose Farmer

_____ NOVELs Singularity Sky by Charles Stross; Blind Lake by Robert Charles Wilson
_____ Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem; The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger


2004: FILMs Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind;
_____ The Day After Tomorrow; I, Robot; The Butterfly Effect; Primer; Spider-Man 2

_____ TV Battlestar Galactica the regular series begins, lasts for 5 years, off & on
_____ Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off from Stargate SG-1, premieres and lasts for 5 years
_____ Lost begins a several-years run of sci-fi mystery; also, The 4400 materializes

_____ NOVELs River of Gods by Ian McDonald; The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks


2005: FILMs War of the Worlds remake; The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; The Island;
_____ Fantastic Four; Revenge of the Sith (Star Wars III); Serenity (sequel to Firefly TV series)
_____ Batman Begins; and yet another remake of King Kong, this time courtesy of Peter Jackson

_____ TV Surface surfaces but is canceled after only one season; fans protest...
_____ also, Invasion & Threshold - but these are also canceled after just one year

_____ magazine Apex Digest (then Apex Magazine) launched; switch to on-line in 2008
_____ NOVELs Spin by Robert Charles Wilson; Old Man's War by John Scalzi


2006: FILMs Children of Men; V For Vendetta; Superman Returns; X-Men Last Stand;
_____ Déjà Vu; The Fountain; A Scanner Darkly; Slither; The Host; The Prestige;  Day Watch

_____ TV Heroes begins a several-years run about saving a cheerleader & the world
_____ Eureka premieres on SciFi Channel; Torchwood premieres on the BBC; and
_____ Jericho, small town dealing with a nuclear attack on the U.S., lasts a season-and-half

_____ NOVELs The Road by Cormac McCarthy; Challenger Park by Stephen Harrigan
_____ and Rainbow's End by Verner Vinge;  Glasshouse by Charles Stross


2007:  WEB: Star Trek of Gods and Men is released in 3 installments on the internet; a DVD later
_____ The Quintessential science fiction Board All Sci-Fi is started up by Bud Brewster

_____ FILMs I am Legend;Transformers;Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer;Spider-Man 3
_____ The Invasion is a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Sunshine; Man From Earth
_____ The Mist recalls monster pics of yesteryear; TV Primeval premieres on the BBC,lasts 2 years

_____ TV Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-in begins to air sci-fi/horror films in the Detroit area
_____ new versions of Flash Gordon and The Bionic Woman air, but not past one season;
_____ and Masters of Science Fiction attempts serious sci-fi, for only 6 episodes

_____ NOVEL Nova Swing by M. John Harrison
_____ nonfiction Eiji Tsuburaya:Master of Monsters by August Ragone
_____ magazines SciFiNow and Death Ray are  launched in Britain


2008: FILMs WALL-E; Cloverfield; Iron Man; Incredible Hulk; Jumper; Doomsday;
_____ The Happening; remakes The Day the Earth Stood Still; Death Race; X-Files I Want to Believe
_____ and The Dark Knight breaks box office records, penultimate Joker performance from Heath Ledger

_____ TV: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres but ends in following year; also
_____ Fringe & Stargate the Ark of Truth, the first of several TV follow-ups to Stargate SG-1

_____ NOVELs Terminal Mind by David Walton; Emissaries from the Dead by Adam-Troy Castro
_____ The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a young adult novel; film version in 2012
2009: FILMs Star Trek restart! Moon; sequels Transformers 2; Terminator Salvation;
_____ Watchmen is based on the graphic novel; Alien Trespass emulates fifties sci-fi
_____ District 9; while 9 is animated; Knowing; Push; Surrogates; Pandorum; 2012;
_____ The Road; and, just in time for X-Mas, James Cameron unleashes Avatar on us all

_____ NOVEL Under the Dome by Stephen King, at over 1,000 pages
_____ The Sci Fi Channel changes name to SyFy Channel-Imagine Greater or collective shrug?

_____ TV Defying Gravity in space and FlashForward on Earth, both on ABC; then
_____ there was the latest Stargate series, Stargate Universe and the new version of V
____________ __

2010: FILMs The Book of Eli; Inception; Iron Man 2; Megamind; Daybreakers; Skyline; Kick-Ass;
_____ Predators; Hot Tub Time Machine; Splice; The Crazies; long-in-coming sequel Tron Legacy

_____ TV Caprica-a prequel; The Event was not much of one; there was the ordinary No Ordinary Family

2011: TV The Cape was Batman-style super-heroics while Alphas were more superhuman;
_____ Falling Skies was a big alien invasion effort; while the biggest, Terra Nova, finally premiered & flopped

_____ FILM The Green Hornet; I am Number 4; Thor; Captain America; X-Men First Class; Green Lantern
_____ The Adjustment Bureau; Source Code; Atlas Shrugged part 1; Paul; Super-8; Cowboys and Aliens;
_____ Rise of the Planet of the Apes; The Thing; Apollo 18; Contagion; In Time; Melancholia;
_____ The Darkest Hour
; and hopefully the last Transformers film, Dark of the Moon (it wasn't)

2012: FILM Marvel's The Avengers!  Exclamation  The Dark Knight Rises!  Exclamation  The Hunger Games!  Exclamation
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