episode #01 - Rendezvous with Yesterday

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episode #01 - Rendezvous with Yesterday

Post  BoG on Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:22 pm

episode #1 / Air Date: 9.9.66 / Directed by Irwin Allen
teleplay by Harold Jack Bloom and Shimon Wincelberg
story by Irwin Allen, Shimon Wincelberg and Harold Jack Bloom

The year is 1968 - 2 years in the future. A senator (Gary Merrill) is transported by jet plane into the middle of the desert; he is then picked up by a dark sedan - inside is Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert); the car is soon driven down a hidden ramp underneath the surface. They arrive at a vast underground complex - several buildings go 800 stories down and each houses 12,000 personnel. Here we first meet Jiggs (Wesley Lau), the master sergeant in charge of security.

One thing you can say about Irwin Allen - he doesn't think small. But, the senator isn't so much impressed as he is annoyed; he's investigating the need for all the vast funding for something so seemingly ephemeral as time travel (he may have a point; I myself was boggled by the amount that must have been spent on this complex - billions is nineteen sixties dollars). The senator meets the general in charge, Kirk (Whit Bissell), who used to command him in WW2 and whizboy scientist Tony (James Darren).

The senator puts his foot down - he needs to see results on that very day or the time tunnel project's time has run out. This seems drastic and careless; it does cause Tony to make a foolhardy move - he runs into the time tunnel and ends up on the ship the Titanic, in the year 1912. We're also introduced to the two scientists who usually work the controls of the time tunnel, Ann (Lee Meriwether) and Swain (John Zaremba).

Tony comes across as not quite right in the head, starting with this episode; first he goes off "like a madman" (quoting the senator) into the time tunnel; then he tries to change history by warning the captain (Michael Rennie) of the ship about what was about to happen (in 14 hours), also revealing that he's from the future (that'll work Rolling Eyes). Tony seems feverish or maybe he hit his head when he landed on the deck of the Titanic. The captain certainly thinks that he's not quite there.

But, that's not all. Doug soon follows Tony to the ship and he also wants to change history - he even gives the captain a copy of tomorrow's newspaper (which the captain promptly discards). Of course, the ship does soon hit that iceberg and history proceeds as planned, despite the best efforts of the two highly-intelligent scientists from the future to change its course. As they are blown off the ship at one point, the time tunnel operators "freeze" them and send them elsewhen - but they lose picture so they don't know when to. BoG's Score: 6 out of 10

Epilogue: Doug and Tony spin end over end and land in the bottom portion of a U.S. rocket just as it launches.


Time Tunnel Trivia:
Rennie also appeared in Allen's Lost in Space, in the first season 2-part episode, The Keeper
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