The Bronze Age of Science Fiction

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The Bronze Age of Science Fiction


1977: FILMs Star Wars by Lucas; Close Encounters by Spielberg; Damnation Alley; Demon Seed
_____ Kingdom of the Spiders; Day of the Animals; The Island of Dr. Moreau; Shock Waves
_____ Empire of the Ants and End of the World < click title to watch it! stars Christopher Lee!
_____ and Canada contributes its biggest sci-fi picture - Starship Invasions (also with Lee!)
_____ TV Logan's Run; Man From Atlantis only last a year; Fantastic Journey - even less;
_____ Space Academy on Saturday morning children's TV,morphs into Jason of Star Command
_____ telefilms The Last Dinosaur has FX from Japan; Snowbeast; The Man With the Power;
_____ Exo-Man (Iron Man redux);  as well as the pilots for Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk

_____ magazines Heavy Metal, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction and Starburst are launched
_____ also Warp, from the New Zealand National Association for Science Fiction (NASF)
_____ and Space Wars; Science and Fantasy Film Classics; also one-shots
_____ Fantasy Film Journal; Close Encounters; King of the Monsters; King Kong

_____ NOVELs A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick; Gateway by Frederick Pohl; Kampus by James Gunn
_____ and Time Storm by Gordon Dickson; The Micronauts by Gordon Williams
_____ Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle (see films Meteor, Deep Impact etc.)

_____ COMIX Judge Dredd begins to exercise his role of a future in the British mag 2000 AD
_____ and Star Wars #1, Logan's Run #1 & Godzilla #1 all adapt film properties (all Marvel)

___ _

1978: FILMs Superman; Capricorn One; The Boys From Brazil; Piranha; The Swarm
_____ Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake; Coma; Deathsport; Laserblast

_____ RADIO series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

_____ magazine Omni is launched; also magazines Fantastic Films, Future, Questar
_____ NOVELs The Stand by Stephen King; The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams

_____ TV Battlestar Galactica starts strong but lasts only one year; Quark - even less;
_____ but Blake's 7 from the BBC manages to stay on for a few years or 52 episodes
_____ and Project U.F.O. hunts for evidence during 2 seasons or 26 episodes...

_____ Spider-Man & The Incredible Hulk begin,but The Hulk does much better-for 4 years
_____ telefilms The Bermuda Depths; Dr. Scorpion; The Clone Master; A Fire in the Sky
_____ and a TV remake of The Time Machine - see flashback to it HERE:Time Machine
_____ also, the Saturn Awards are first televised; see HERE>William Shatner-Rocket Man

_____ COMIX Jack Kirby's Devil Dinosaur #1 & Machine Man #1(spun off from 2001)-Marvel
_____ and Man From Atlantis #1 (Marvel) adapts the short-lived TV series,lasts a few issues


1979: FILMs Star Trek the Motion Picture; The Black Hole; Alien by Ridley Scott;
_____ Time After Time; Mad Max; Prophecy; Meteor; The Dark; Starcrash; Stalker
_____ and latest James Bonder, Moonraker, includes many sci-fi elements due to sci-fi boom

_____ TV Buck Rogers in the 25th Century fights in the future for 2 years, 34 episodes+pilot
_____ there are two Captain America telefilms (made-for-TV); and the final Quatermass
_____ as well as Salvage-1, a whimsical take on space travel canceled as its 2nd season began
_____ and the cryptic, baffling & odd Sapphire & Steel, which lasted 34 episodes for 3 years

_____ NOVELs The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams; Titan by John Varley
_____ nonfiction first edition of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (greatly expanded in 1993)

_____ magazine Fangoria is launched; also Cinemagic, until 1987
_____ Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine debuts as a newsletter; magazine-sized in 1987
_____ RADIO Shockwave Radio Theater starts up, specializing in sf humor, then science fact

_____ COMIX The Micronauts#1, Shogun Warriors#1 & Rom#1 adapt sci-fi toys (all Marvel)
_____ while Battlestar Galactica#1 adapts TV series; Buck Rogers begins new series,Gold Key


1980: FILMs Altered States; Saturn 3; The Final Countdown; Battle Beyond the Stars
_____ The Empire Strikes Back,episode V of saga, is sequel to Star Wars; Flash Gordon;
_____ and Christopher Reeve returns in Superman II & time travels in Somewhere in Time
_____ TV Galactica 1980,spun-off from Battlestar, does worse; Beyond Westworld
_____ -not much better; The Lathe of Heaven (filmed in 1979) adapts Le Guin's novel
_____ and The Martian Chronicles is a 3-night mini-series adapting Bradbury's work...

_____ RADIO Nightfall airs on CBC Radio for 3 years,mostly horror, but some sci-fi

_____ NOVELs Timescape by Gregory Benford; Lord Valentine's Castle by Robert Silverberg
_____ phrase Cyberpunk is coined by Bruce Bethke in his short story of the same name
_____ nonfiction History of the Movement (Science Fiction in old San Francisco) by Sam Moskowitz

_____ magazine Epic Illustrated #1 from Marvel as an alternative to Heavy Metal magazine
_____ and Cinefex-thick small squarebound on sci-fi FX; Steranko's Preview (Mediascene)

_____ COMIX Star Trek #1 from Marvel adapts 1st film and continues for couple of years


1981: FILMs The Road Warrior a.k.a. Mad Max 2 by George Miller; Outland
_____ Escape From New York by John Carpenter; Scanners by Cronenberg
_____ Galaxy of Terror-most famous of 'Alien-copy' films, like Inseminoid a.k.a. Horror Planet

_____ TV The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy airs on BBC, a 7-episode program
_____ also, the BBC airs a 6-episode series version of The Day of the Triffids,while
_____ in US,The Greatest American Hero tries an alien suit for a couple of years/43 episodes

_____ NOVEL VALIS by Philip K. Dick; collection The Sandkings by George R.R.Martin
_____ nonfiction Creature Features Movie Guide 1st edition by John Stanley; more to follow

_____ magazine The Twilight Zone Magazine premieres, lasts until 1989
_____ COMIX Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers#1 by Kirby,Pacific Comics,lasts 13 issues


1982: FILMs Blade Runner by Ridley Scott; E.T.; Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan; The Thing
_____ She; CGI: Tron is first use of solid 3D FX in a sci-fi film & Star Trek II had 1st CG sequence

_____ TV Voyagers! - all about time traveling, debuts and lasts only a year and
_____ same goes for The Powers of Matthew Star - just 21 episodes total; World War III

_____ NOVELs Helliconia Spring by Brian Aldiss; Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard
_____ first Philip K. Dick Award
 given, sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society

_____ magazine Interzone is launched; nonfiction Keep Watching the Skies by Bill Warren
_____ and Marc Scott Zicree's The Twilight Zone Companion first comes out
_____ Center for the Study of Science Fiction is founded at University of Kansas

_____ COMIX Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo from Japan begins a decade-long post-WWIII tale;
_____ Miracleman by Alan Moore in Quality Comics; would return in 1985 (Eclipse Comics)
_____ also, Camelot 3000, 12-issue maxi-series from DC,begins & takes 3 years to conclude;
_____ Starslayer by Mike Grell & The Rocketeer from Dave Stevens premiere (Pacific Comics)
_____ and Alien Worlds, anthology series from Pacific Comics, lasts for 9 issues


1983: FILMs Return of the Jedi - Episode VI of Star Wars; Brainstorm; Testament
_____ Twilight Zone the Movie; Spacehunter; Strange Invaders; Liquid Sky

_____ TV short-titled V - the first mini-series airs over a few nights; 2nd one was the next year;
_____ and The Day After has record-breaking ratings,depicting Nuclear War & the aftermath
_____ Terrahawks, another one from Gerry Anderson, this time in 'Supermacromation'

_____ NOVEL A Matter for Men by David Gerrold, first in the War Against the Chtorr series
_____ nonfiction Michael Weldon's The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film first comes out
_____ click HERE > for Weldon interview

_____ COMIX American Flagg by Howard Chaykin debuts, First Comics
_____ The Futurians from Dave Cockrum, Marvel, a graphic novel,then short series (Lodestone)
_____ magazine Dreamwatch is launched in Britain (UK)


1984: FILMs The Terminator by James Cameron; Dune by David Lynch; 2010; 1984
_____ Firestarter; Dreamscape; The Last Starfighter; Night of the Comet
_____ Repo Man; and Supergirl points the way to Earth
_____ Starman; The Philadelphia Experiment -- see > the Timeline of events!
_____ and... The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8thDimension!
_____ so, click HERE > to visit The BANZAI INSTITUTE and there was Star Trek III
_____ TV V the Series-begins for one year; in the UK Threads airs on the BBC
_____  the first Chocky series, a 6-part story, airs from John Wyndham; 2 more later
_____ and The Tripods, a big ambitious alien takeover BBC series, presented 25 episodes

_____ NOVEL Neuromancer by William Gibson; "Cyberpunk" becomes a buzz word
_____ nonfiction Overlook Film Encyclopedia Science Fiction,1st edition;2nd edition in 1990

_____ RADIO Vanishing Point runs on CBC Radio for two years,other sub-titles until 1990

_____ COMIX Star Trek #1 from DC Comics resumes series, lasts for several years and
_____ Alien Legion, from Marvel's Epic Comics line, debuts, lasting for 20 issues+2nd vol.


1985: FILMs The Quiet Earth; Brazil; Back to the Future; Lifeforce; Enemy Mine
_____ Cocoon; Trancers; very low budget Galaxy Invader - see it HERE: Galaxy Invader

_____ CGI: first fully computer-generated photo-realistic animated character, a knight,
_________ in  Young Sherlock Holmes

_____ TV Amazing Stories from Steven Spielberg begin their telling for 2 years; a lot of hype
_____ also, the New Twilight Zone runs for 2 years, then in syndication for a couple more
_____ and The Ray Bradbury Theater anthology series also begins, lasting a good 6 seasons

_____ NOVELs Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card; Dayworld by Philip Jose Farmer
_____ The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood; Blood Music; Eon by Greg Bear
_____ Dinner at Deviant's Palace by Tim Powers; Contact by Carl Sagan

_____ COMIX The One by Rick Veitch (Marvel Epic Comics) was a 6-issue limited series
_____ Alien Encounters, anthology series from Eclipse Comics, lasts for 14 issues


1986: FILMs Aliens by James Cameron; The Fly-Cronenberg; Star Trek IV Voyage Home
_____ Eliminators; Short Circuit; Howard the Duck - rare fiasco from producer G Lucas
_____ Critters; Flight of the Navigator

_____ TV Starman continues the story of the 1984 film, but only for a year/22 episodes
_____ RADIO Harlan Ellison begins to host Hour 25 for a year
_____ magazine Aboriginal Science Fiction is launched; lasts until 2001

_____ NOVELs The Bridge by Iain Banks; The Unconquered Country by Geoff Ryman
_____ and Homunculus by James P. Blaylock; The Ragged Astronauts by Bob Shaw
_____ nonfiction Trillion Year Spree by Brian Aldiss updates his Billion Year Spree

_____ COMIX Watchmen by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons,DC; magazine Filmfax is launched
_____ Strikeforce:Morituri, about super-powered soldiers of a future fighting aliens (Marvel)

1987: FILMs Robocop; Predator; The Hidden; Innerspace; The Running Man
_____ Cherry 2000; Spaceballs by Mel Brooks

_____ TV Star Trek the Next Generation begins a 7-year trek, from Gene Roddenberry again;
_____  Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future lasts only a year or 22 episodes and
_____ there was also the silly Out of This World, about a half-alien girl with powers, for 4 years
_____ and the big mini-series event was Amerika, about Soviet takeover of USA in near-future

_____ NOVELs The Forge of God by Greg Bear; When Gravity Fails by George Elec Effinger
_____ term Steampunk is coined by writer K.W.Jeter,
_____ describing sci-fi stories set in the 19th century

_____ COMIX Xenozoic Tales by Mark Schultz begins from Kitchen Sink Press

_____ the first Arthur C. Clarke Award, for best sf novel in the UK, is presented

1988: FILMs They Live by John Carpenter; Alien Nation; Miracle Mile; Earth Girls Are Easy

_____ TV War of the Worlds continues the story from the 1953 film, for 2 years
_____ and the slightly juvenile Superboy series begins, lasting 4 years & with 2 actors
_____ and the really juvenile My Secret Identity from Canada lasts 3 years or 72 episodes

_____ TV The Incredible Hulk Returns is the first of 3 telefilm sequels to the TV series;
_____ the spaced-out British Red Dwarf series debuts and sticks around for 8 seasons or so;
_____ finally, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) began showing bad movies for
_____ 8 years, then 3 more on the SciFi Channel; here is the official site: Satellite News

_____ NOVEL Mother London by Michael Moorcock; CARDs Dinosaurs Attack!  by Topps
_____ nonfiction collection Strokes:Essays and Reviews by John Clute
_____ magazine The New York Review of Science Fiction begins


1989: NOVELs The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson; Hyperion by Dan Simmons
_____ nonfiction The World Beyond the Hill:Science Fiction and the Quest for Transcendence
_____ by Alexei Panshin; here is a close-up look at the book:The World Beyond the Hill

_____ FILMs The Abyss by James Cameron; Leviathan; Deepstar Six; Moontrap; Arena
_____ Honey I Shrunk the Kids; Star Trek V the Final Frontier; Slipstream; Cyborg
_____ and the new Batman from Tim Burton projects a dark futuristic regime & weird gadgets

_____ TV Alien Nation spins off from film for only 21 episodes; Quantum Leap - 5 years
_____ Fast Forward:Contemporary Science Fiction begins, a monthly half-hour series
_____ talk show about Science Fiction,Fantasy & Horror, now up to about 200 episodes!


1990: FILMs Total Recall; I Come in Peace; Hardware; Solar Crisis; Dick Tracy
_____ Tremors; Frankenstein Unbound is Roger Corman's last directing job

_____ TV The Flash begins his super-swift run but lacks stamina to last beyond a year...
_____ but Swamp Thing (continued from films), slow as he is, plods on for 3 seasons;
_____ Jupiter Moon-a British soap opera that took place in a college in outer space,year 2050
_____ Showtime airs the half-hour long 12:01 PM - about a man repeating an hour

_____ NOVELs Earth by David Brin; Brain Rose by Nancy Kress; also,
_____ The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling popularizes Steampunk

_____ magazine Video Watchdog, a small-sized prozine, is launched
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