Episode #32: The Alternate

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Episode #32: The Alternate

Post  BoG on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:30 pm

THE ALTERNATE (prod. #432; episode #12 of 2nd season)
Directed by David Carson; written by Jim Trombetta and Bill Dial

This episode introduces us to Odo's father figure, Dr. Mora (James Sloyan), the Bajoran scientist who had been assigned to monitor Odo when Odo was first found. Mora & Odo get reacquainted after a years-long separation when Mora arrives at DS9 while on his way to investigate evidence of Odo's race on some planet in the Gamma Quadrant. They find a similar lifeform to Odo on the planet and take it back to DS9, though not without some problems when gasses are released during a quake. Back on the station, this found protoplasmic lifeform appears to escape & metamorphosis into a Blob-like menace. But, the monster turns out to be
Odo himself, who was affected by the gasses and now changes into this creature every 16 hours instead of his usual regeneration rest period.
The interesting parts to this episode is the new perspective of Odo behaving like someone's son, even if Odo himself is in denial about this. Mora tends to correct Odo like a dutiful father and also displays great pride at Odo's progress over the past few years. Mora draws parallels between the work of scientists and Odo's detective work. (note also Mora's hairstyle; Odo obviously copied this when he first assumed human form). In spite of Odo's gruff demeanor, he obviously has the feelings of a son towards a father in this episode. There may be further developments to this episode's events in later episodes, based on what I read: Mora would return a couple of times. They also find an obelisk here which has writing on it that could be clues to Odo's race. BoG's Score: 6.5 out of 10
Extra Deep Trivia: Sisko mentions his sick father here, hinting that he passed away, but I believe the father shows up in later episodes.
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