Episode #33: Armageddon Game

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Episode #33: Armageddon Game

Post  BoG on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:43 pm

ARMAGEDDON GAME (prod.#433; 13th episode of 2nd season)
written by Morgan Gendel; Director: Winrich Kolbe

This one offers some interesting scenes because, during much of the story, the main DS9 personnel believe that two of their number have been killed. In the plot, Dr. Bashir & Chief O'Brien are helping two races of people eliminate an old biological weapon, 'Harvesters'. The two races have just ended a centuries-long war and believe that destroying this weapon is the final step in assuring that peace will continue. But, they take it a step further - anyone who has knowledge on how to reconstruct the weapon needs to be eliminated as well. I guess they're too insecure about having faith in themselves in continuing a peace. Sisko is presented with video evidence that Bashir & O'Brien were killed in a booby-trap accident. But, in reality, the two DS9 personnel are stuck on a devastated planet.
Despite the interesting set-up, this has some slow parts and also seems like another excuse to let Bashir & O'Brien bond some more (see the previous season's THE STORYTELLER as another example). Bashir again proves to be too gabby and O'Brien is a grouch, though, in this case, O'Brien has an excuse - he's been infected by the Harvester weapon.

In the meantime, a few of the DS9 personnel mope for a few minutes about their dead comrades - it's hinted that maybe something will eventually come about in regard to Bashir's continual flirting with Dax. There's also an odd twist at the end - Keiko, O'Brien's wife, notices something wrong in the video evidence which prompts Sisko to investigate; but, at the end, it's noted that Keiko was off base. Go figure. Question BoG's Score: 6.5 out of 10
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