episode #08 - Massacre

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episode #08 - Massacre

Post  BoG on Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:37 pm

episode #8 / Air Date: 10.28.66
written by Carey Wilber; Directed by Murray Golden

Doug and Tony land in June of 1876, just a day before the famed battle of Little Big Horn, which was General (actually a Lt. colonel) Custer's last hurrah. They arrive just after a battle and witness numerous Union soldiers dead on the ground. The two visitors get separated: both are captured by Crazy Horse (Christopher Dark) and his Indians, but Tony is too slow in escaping when a young bugler frees them. Doug soon meets Custer (Joe Maross); meanwhile, the Time Tunnel crew call in an Indian expert (Perry Lopez) on those times to pinpoint the location & time.

The episode sort of misses a chance to present another entertaining version of Custer; he was almost always portrayed as slightly mad in films and TV, but Maross, usually stern & humorless in his roles, presents a dull Custer in this one. Doug again tries to change history by warning Custer about what was about to happen. The focus then shifts to trying to keep the young bugler alive. BoG's Score: 5 out of 10

Epilogue: Doug & Tony land on an island and are mistaken for 2 escaped prisoners; they are taken to the commandant, who is testing a guillotine...

Time Tunnel Trivia:
Star Trek TOS actor alert - lots here - Paul Comi, who portrays Capt. Benteen here, was in Balance of Terror; also in a small role as an Indian is Lawrence Montaigne, who played a Vulcan in Amok Time. Bruce Mars, who appears as Tom Custer, was in Shore Leave and Assignment:Earth.
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