The Silver Age of Science Fiction

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The Silver Age of Science Fiction


1963: NOVELs The Beast by A.E. Van Vogt; Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
_____ Orphans in the Sky by Robert Heinlein; nonfiction Explorers of the Infinite by Sam Moskowitz

_____ COMIX Iron Man & The X-Men debut at Marvel Comics, by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Don Heck
_____ and The Avengers #1 (Marvel); Magnus,Robot Fighter #1 from Gold Key Comics
_____ Alley Tally Party - Jerry Bails invites all who voted for Alley Awards to his home;
------- this gathering of comics fans is regarded as the first, informal comics convention

_____ TV Dr. Who begins a long (very) run; The Outer Limits begins a 2-year run of 49 episodes
___ check out ultimate  Question  Who sites: DrWho Ultimate; Who Ultimate; My Favorite Martian debuts;
_____ the first Chiller Theatre begins airing sci-fi/horror movies in Pittsburgh,PN; host:Bill Cardille
_____ Astro Boy from Japan debuts, earliest version of anime & sci-fi, flying for 3 years
_____ and Space Patrol debuts in Britain from Gerry Anderson, lasting 39 episodes

_____ FILMs The Day of the Triffids; X-the Man With the X-Ray Eyes; Children of the Damned
_____ and Hitchcock's The Birds is an early version of all those eco-terror seventies films


1964: TV Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea begins a 4-year run, 110 episodes, from Irwin Allen
_____ around then,Big Movie Shocker hosted by Bestoink Dooley/George Ellis at WAGA,Atlanta,GA
_____ FILMs Dr. Strangelove; Fail Safe; The Time Travelers; The Earth Dies Screaming;
_____ The Last Man on Earth; First Men in the Moon; Robinson Crusoe on Mars

_____ NOVELs The Burning World by J.G. Ballard; Farnham's Freehold by Robert Heinlein
_____ the starting point for 'New Wave' science fiction literature,thanks to Michael Moorcock
_____ nonfiction The Issue at Hand by William Atheling, Jr. involves sci-fi 'growing up'

_____ COMIX Daredevil #1; Captain America returns in Avengers #4; and
_____ Kang, a villain from the far future, is introduced in Avengers #8 (all Marvel)
_____ also, Mighty Samson #1, a post-nuclear war setting, from Gold Key, lasts 32 issues
_____ first actual comics convention in a Detroit hotel organized by 2 teens; 70 attendees
------- this included a screening of Things to Come (1936); also, 1st New York Comicon


1965: TV Thunderbirds,marionettes from the Andersons,begin a year-long run on British TV
_____ The Wild Wild West, the earliest Steampunk-style TV, begins a 4-year run
_____ Lost in Space from Irwin Allen begins a 3-year run; The Eye Creatures
_____ and Out of the Unknown, a sf BBC Anthology series, airs 4 seasons until 1971

_____ FILMs  The Satan Bug; Gammera the Invincible > see it HERE: Gammera
_____ FILMs The 10th Victim; Alphaville; Planet of the Vampires; Dr.Who & the Daleks
_____ and Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet is one new version of Russian Planet of Storms

_____ NOVELs Dune, the first one, by Frank Herbert, followed by several sequels in later years;
_____ and Masters of the Maze by Avram Davidson; Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino;
_____  as well as The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick
_____ and The Maker of Universes by Philip Jose Farmer (1st in the World of Tiers series)
_____ also "Day of the Great Shout" is first story of the Riverworld saga published,by Farmer

_____ COMIX Total War #1 (Gold Key) and THUNDER Agents #1 from Tower Comics
_____ S.H.I.E.L.D. is introduced, headed by Nick Fury, in Strange Tales #135 (Marvel)
_____ Lee & Kirby also introduce the advanced Inhumans in Fantastic Four #44-45

_____ the first Nebula Awards awarded by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Arrow LOST IN SPACE Memories; and check out > a STAR TREK Scrapbook

1966: TV Star Trek TOS from Gene Roddenberry begins a 3-year run of 79 episodes; also
_____ The Time Tunnel, yet another from Irwin Allen, begins a 2-year run of 30 episodes; and
_____ Batman (see FILM below) invaded the TV airwaves for 3 years, sometimes twice weekly
_____ Ultraman from Japan begins and airs 39 episodes (40,counting a pre-premiere special)
_____ and the most famous of TV Remakes of AIP films: Zontar,the Thing From Venus

_____ FILMs Fantastic Voyage; Fahrenheit 451; One Million Years BC; Island of Terror;
_____ Seconds by Frankenheimer; Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD; Invasion; Batman-holy!
_____ and, of course, War of the Gargantuas and Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
_____ and the crazy Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter

_____ NOVELs The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein; This Immortal by Roger Zelazny
_____ Make Room!Make Room! by Harry Harrison; World of Ptavvs by Larry Niven
_____ Tarnsman of Gor by John Norman is 1st in a long series that degenerates into softporn
_____ nonfiction Seekers of Tomorrow by Sam Moskowitz; and
_____ The Prospect of Immortality by R.C.W. Ettinger (on cryogenics)

_____ COMIX The Silver Surfer & Galactus debut in Fantastic Four#48 by Lee & Kirby,Marvel
_____ Flash Gordon begins in a new series from King, then by Charlton & Gold Key
_____ TV animated Space Ghost premieres on Saturday morning from Hanna-Barbara,on CBS


1967: Collection Dangerous Visions-editor Harlan Ellison; NOVEL Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny

_____ FILMs  Quatermass and the Pit; Battle Beneath the Earth; King Kong Escapes
_____ and Night of the Big Heat a.k.a. Island of the Burning Doomed (Lee! Cushing!)
_____ also - You Only Live Twice, the latest James Bonder, has strong sci-fi elements in it
_____ and Night Fright & They Came From Beyond Space which you can watch by clicking titles
_____ and Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women is another Planet of Storms version

_____ TV The Invaders begins a hunt for aliens, lasting 2 years and for 43 episodes
_____ Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons from the Andersons again lasts for a year
_____ and enter The Prisoner at Portmeirion, only 17 episodes of #6 but now a cult classic

_____ COMIX Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) of the Kree,debut in Marvel Super-Heroes#12,Marvel
_____ and Star Trek #1 from Gold Key Comics debuts and lasts for a dozen years;
_____ also The Invaders adapted by Gold Key,only 4 issues and Flying Saucers #1-5, Dell

1968: FILMs 2001:A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick & (also novel) Arthur C.Clarke
_____ Planet of the Apes; Barbarella; Countdown by Robert Altman; Charly; Green Slime
_____ The Power by George Pal; The Monitors; The Lost Continent; Destroy All Monsters

_____ TV Land of the Giants from Irwin Allen begins a 2-year run of 50 episodes
_____ The Champions premieres in the UK & US but lasts only one year or 30 episodes
_____ and Joe 90 was the 9th puppet/6th supermarionation show from Gerry Anderson

_____ RADIO version of The Day of the Triffids

_____ NOVELs Of Men and Monsters by William Tenn; Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner
_____ Mission to Horatius by Mack Reynolds is perhaps the first Star Trek novel
_____ story "Kyrie" by Poul Anderson features an early use of the Black Hole concept

_____ Locus Magazine begins covering the science fiction and fantasy field,publisher Charles Brown

_____ COMIX The Vision,android hero,debut in Avengers #57 & robot villain Ultron-5 in #54
_____ (Marvel); while Land of the Giants is based on TV Show, 5 issues, from Gold Key


1969: NOVELs Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut;The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K.Le Guin
_____ The Bronze Axe is first of the Richard Blade series (37 books) by various (Jeffrey Lord) pseudo
_____ and The Andromeda Strain, 1st from Michael Crichton, is made into a film only 2 years later

___ FILMs Marooned; Journey to the Far Side of the Sun; Moon Zero Two; Valley of Gwangi
_____ and... Latitude Zero and Captain Nemo and the Underwater City have similar storylines

_____ TV Counterstrike, a lacklustre alien invasion yarn from Britain, lasts a year

_____ COMIX The Guardians of the Galaxy debut in Marvel Super-Heroes#18 (Marvel)


1970:FILMsColossus The Forbin Project;No Blade of Grass;When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth;
_____  Yog; Trog; Beneath the Planet of the Apes is the first sequel (to POTA) in the Apes Saga

_____ magazine Cinefantastique is launched; NOVEL Ringworld by Larry Niven;
_____ NOVELs Tau Zero by Poul Anderson; Solaris by Stanislaw Lem; Spock Must Die
_____ by James Blish; nonfiction  Under the Moons of Mars: A History and Anthology of
_____ “The Scientific Romance” in the Munsey Magazines, 1912-1920
by Sam Moskowitz

_____ The BSFA (British SF Association) Awards begin to be handed out
_____ COMIX Jack Kirby leaves Marvel and begins to work for DC Comics
_____ the 1st San Diego Comic-Con or "San Diego's Golden State Comic-Con"
------- 300 people attend; guests: Jack Kirby, Ray Bradbury, A.E. van Vogt

_____ TV UFO - 26 episodes; telefilms The Love War and the similar The Challenge;
_____ and Night Slaves; also,shortlived series Phoenix Five from Australia,26 episodes
_____ Doomwatch (BBC) is 1st 'green' series (ecological awareness),for 3 years or 37 episodes
_____ Timeslip is a British time travel series about kids,but not just for kids-for one year;
_____ and The Immortal begins his run, lasting only 15 episodes after the pilot airs

Arrow <

1971: FILMs A Clockwork Orange; The Omega Man; THX-1138; The Andromeda Strain;
_____ Quest For Love; Gas-s-s; also Escape From the Planet of the Apes (3rd Apes film)
_____ and, click titles to watch Lady Frankenstein; The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant

_____ NOVEL  Two Planets translation by Kurd Lasswitz; The Riverworld series arrives in novel form:
_____ NOVELs To Your Scattered Bodies Go & Arrow  The Fabulous Riverboat by Philip Jose Farmer
_____ nonfiction As Man Becomes Machine by David Rorvik popularized the idea of cyborgs

_____ TV Creature Features premieres on late Saturdays, hosted by Bob Wilkins, showing old or
_____ low budget sci-fi/horror films
; it lasts about a dozen years, last few hosted by John Stanley;
_____ meanwhile,Chiller Theater switches to the famous six-fingered hand opening intro!
_____ and "L.A. 2017" airs as an episode of The Name of the Game series,directed by Spielberg
_____ Night Gallery from Serling had some sci-fi episodes; telefilms Earth II; The Last Child
_____ and City Beneath the Sea, from Irwin Allen again; The Guardians,a UK 13-episode series

_____ COMIX New Gods #1, Forever People #1 & Mister Miracle #1,all from DC Jack Kirby
_____ also, Harlan Ellison plots story for Marvel Comics Avengers#88 & Hulk#140,
_____ which debuts insect alien Psyklop and shrinks the Hulk into a sub-atomic world;
_____ also, Avengers #93-#97 uses famed sf titles for chapters in Kree-Skrull War saga

_____ The 1st Locus Awards are presented to winners of Locus Magazine's annual readers' poll.


1972: FILMs Silent Running; Z.P.G.; Solaris by Tarkovsky; Slaughterhouse Five; Horror Express
_____ Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (4th Apes film) and The Thing With Two Heads

_____ TV telefilms The Astronaut; The People; Probe; Haunts of the Very Rich; Gargoyles
_____  The Night Stalker (Kolchak) is about a vampire (horror) but may have sci-fi connections

_____ NOVELs The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov; The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner
_____ Cyborg by Martin Caidin would soon manifest on TV as The Six Million Dollar Man
_____ Transit to Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers is first in the Dray Prescott Series (50+ books)
_____ and Roadside Picnic by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky (filmed in '79 as Stalker)

____ the 1st Saturn Awards presented by Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films
_____ RADIO Hour 25 begins its focus on sf, broadcasting from southern CA, interviewing sf authors
_____ magazine/newspaper The Monster Times is launched,lasting for several years

_____ collection-Again,Dangerous Visions; first Star Trek Convention held at Hilton Hotel in NYC

_____ COMIX The Power of...Warlock#1 features Counter-Earth & the High Evolutionary (Marvel)
_____ and Kamandi,the Last Boy on Earth #1 from Kirby lasts for 6 years/59 issues, DC


1973: NOVELs Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C.Clarke; Time Enough For Love by Heinlein;
_____ Frankenstein Unbound by Brian W. Aldiss; non-fiction Billion Year Spree* by Aldiss
_____ *NOTE: this (Billion Year Spree) was updated as Trillion Year Spree in 1986

_____ The first John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel handed out

_____ FILMs Westworld by Michael Crichton; Soylent Green; Sleeper; Day of the Dolphin
_____ Battle For the Planet of the Apes is 5th and final Apes film,followed by short TV series
_____ The Final Programme; and Invasion of the Bee Girls

_____ TV The Starlost-one year; Star Trek the Animated Series-year and a half,22 episodes
_____ The Tomorrow People begin a 6-year run on British TV; also Moonbase 3,at 6 episodes
_____ also telefilms Genesis II by Gene Roddenberry and A Cold Night's Death, The Stranger
_____ The Night Strangler, 2 Frankenstein telefims, incl. Frankenstein:The True Story and pilot
_____ The Six Million Dollar Man from Martin Caidin, with 2 more telefilms/episodes that year

_____ COMIX Amazing Adventures#18 is sequel to War of the Worlds,debuting Killraven, Marvel
_____ cosmic villain Thanos is introduced in Iron Man #55, by Jim Starlin, as well as Drax the Destroyer
_____ and Worlds Unknown (Marvel) begins, adapting classic sci-fi, but only for 8 issues


1974: FILMs Zardoz by John Boorman; Phase IV by Saul Bass; Dark Star; The Terminal Man
_____ Flesh Gordon; and the juvenile The Island at the Top of the World from Disney

_____ TV Planet of the Apes, just 14 episodes; The Six Million Dollar Man, for 4 years;
_____ Land of the Lost premieres on Saturday morning children's TV - lasts 3 seasons;
_____ and telefilms Planet Earth; The Questor Tapes pilots from Roddenberry; Killdozer
_____ Where Have All the People Gone?; Killer Bees; first Wonder Woman pilot telefilm

_____ NOVELs The Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle; The Dispossessed by Le Guin
_____ The Forever War by Joe Haldeman
_____ nonfiction Question  Erich von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods" proposes radical theories on aliens

_____ magazine Movie Monsters is launched; lasts only 4 issues; COMIX Planet of the Apes#1

_____ COMIX Deathlok the Demolisher, a cyborg, debuts in Astonishing Tales#25 (Marvel)
_____ famous violent mutant Wolverine is introduced in the pages of Incredible Hulk #181
_____ also,the debut of OMAC - the One Man Army Corp from Jack Kirby yet again and DC
_____ and The First Kingdom by Jack Katz was a very early independent 'graphic novel'-style


1975: FILMs Rollerball; Death Race 2000; A Boy and His Dog; The Land That Time Forgot
_____ had a sequel; Doc Savage; and Escape to Witch Mountain had a sequel 3 years later
_____ Bug; The Giant Spider Invasion - indescribable; the loopy Rocky Horror Picture Show

_____ NOVELs Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany; 1st Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual
_____ nonfiction Alternate Worlds:The Illustrated History of Science Fiction by James Gunn
_____ and Horrors From Screen to Scream by Ed Naha - early reference on all sci-fi/horror
_____ TV Space: 1999 (The Andersons) begins its trip, lasting for 2 years or 48 episodes;
_____ The Survivors,on British TV,also lasts a couple of years; Strange New World telefilm
_____ The Time Travelers;  The New Original Wonder Woman premieres,airs for 4 years
_____ and the 2nd Invisible Man series stars David McCallum, but lasts only 13 episodes

_____ magazine Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction (Marvel) features b&w illustrated stories

_____ COMIX The New X-Men premiere in Giant-Size X-Men #1, by Wein & Cockrum
_____ Skull the Slayer #1 begins slaying dinosaurs, but lasts only 8 issues (Marvel)
_____ Planet of Vampires #1 and Morlock 2001 #1 from the new Atlas Comics line

1976: magazine Starlog is launched; also the House of Hammer magazine lasts  years

_____ FILMs Logan's Run; The Man Who Fell to Earth by Nic Roeg; Food of the Gods;
_____ King Kong remake; Embryo; see it: Embryo and  Track of the Moon Beast
_____ there was also At the Earth's Core and the sequel to Westworld, Futureworld

_____ NOVELs Triton by Samuel Delany; Arslan by M.J. Engh; Man Plus by Frederik Pohl

_____ TV The Bionic Woman; Future Cop,both for 2 years; Gemini Man lasts only one;
_____ Holmes and Yoyo also had a sci-fi cop,a robot-in a comedic take,for only 13 episodes
_____ Ark II, a Saturday morning children's series, premieres;lasts only one year, 15 episodes

_____ COMIX The Eternals#1 by Jack Kirby; Omega the Unknown#1; Nova#1 (all Marvel);
_____ also,Kirby adapts 2001:A Space Odyssey into large-sized Treasury edition & short series
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