End of the World (1977)

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End of the World (1977)

Post  BoG on Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:16 pm

It's the end of the world, that much is true in this flic - but it's a chore to get to that point. The aliens in disguise have taken over a local convent; Christopher Lee plays the alien leader; he's also in a dual role - he also plays the actual priest whom the alien has imitated. The other aliens have all taken the forms of nuns. The human priest appears in the film's first scene, attempting to use the telephone in a convenience store. He doesn't succeed and behaves in a narcoleptic manner, heading back to the convent. This sets the tone for the whole film, which proceeds at a very limp pace and doesn't really hold together, as if there are a couple of missing scenes. The main role is played by unknown Kirk Scott, playing a research scientist who detects alien signals. His wife is played by Sue Lyon. Other minor roles are filled by well-known character actors Dean Jagger as the scientist's boss, Lew Ayres as the head of a hidden military installation and MacDonald Carey as a security officer.

In the end, there's the key disclosure by the alien that Earth's imminent destruction is due to humanity's negative influence or infection of other solar systems, extending light years away. This is never elaborated on and just seems a shortened explanation of a similar concern in older films such as The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951). Many  scenes take place at night and are filmed very dark, almost too dark in many cases. Towards the end, there's use of a lot of stock footage to show Earth undergoing massive natural disasters (from films such as Krakatoa, East of Java/1969 and Earthquake/74). BoG's Score: 2 out of 10
End of Trivia: the director, John Hayes, shows up in one scene as a stopped motorist who gets blown up... alien
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