Frankenstein's Daughter

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Frankenstein's Daughter

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FreeClassicMovies wrote:Released December 15, 1958: Although this is billed as a Horror Movie, it might be better described as a nostalgic comedy. The director later claimed that when he first saw the female monster in full make-up, he left the set and broke into tears because it was to bad. It is still a fun 'watch' for a rainy afternoon, and even the kids won't get nightmares from this one. Watch for the son of famous silent film comic Harold Lloyd Jr., and Robert Dix, son of silent film star Richard Dix.
Directed by Richard E. Cunha
Written by H.E. Barrie.
The Actors: Sandra Knight (Trudy Morton), John Ashley (Johnny Bruder), Donald Murphy (Oliver Frank / Frankenstein), Sally Todd (Suzie Lawler), Harold Lloyd Jr. (Don, Suzie's guy), Felix Locher (Professor Carter Morton), Wolfe Barzell (Elsu), John Zaremba (Police Leutenant Boyle), Robert Dix (Police Detective Bill Dillon), Harry Wilson (the monster)

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