Beware! the Blob (1972)

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Beware! the Blob (1972)

Post  BoG on Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:16 pm

Word is... actor Larry Hagman (I Dream of Jeannie) was neighbors with the producer of the original BLOB film from 1958.  A sequel had been planned almost since the original played in theaters, but nothing ever came of it, for various reasons. Hagman finally acquired the rights and did it; he directed the film (maybe as a means of getting a directing cred). I think Hagman was influenced too much by goofy TV or he saw the whole project as some strange lark. The first act involves a kitten and Godfrey Cambridge as a hubby acting all goofy with his wife at home; his character worked on some pipeline way off in the boonies (the Arctic?) and he brought back a sample of... the Blob, naturally!  affraid
John Muir wrote:Beware! The Blob plays more like an amateur improvisation troupe’s first big show than it does a legitimate movie. In short, it’s an embarrassment. Indeed, the overall feel of the loosely-held together Beware the Blob is of an over-long Saturday Night Live (1975 - ) skit with the blob as the guest host of the week, showing up only occasionally to do his shtick , which in this case means eating a man, Cambridge, in his easy chair, or showing up to swallow another character after emerging from a barber’s sink.

One suspects that things are off to a bad start as early as the opening credits , which involve an endless montage of a cute kitten, Samuel, playing in the grass. Little Sammy doesn’t get killed in this montage, or even encounter the blob at all. He just sits there frolicking in nature, looking adorable. What is the purpose of this scene? Why is it an efficient and notable lead-in to a story about the blob ?

Muir, John Kenneth (2013-10-25). Science Fiction and Fantasy Films of the 1970s (p. 104). The Lulu Show LLC. Kindle Edition.
The main role is played by Robert Walker, Jr., but Hagman also filled the film with small roles for well-known character actors or former stars, perhaps some of whom were personal friends. Hagman himself appears in one scene as a drunk. BoG's Score: 4 out of 10
John Muir wrote:If these complaints about the movie’s lack of cohesion aren’t plain enough, let me put a finer point on it. The real problem with this film is a surfeit of self-indulgence. Character actors such as Larry Hagman (yes, the film’s director…) and Burgess Meredith show up and are permitted to turn their cameos as blob victims into interminable sequences of improvisation where nothing of significance happens. These blind-alleys grind the film’s momentum to a halt, despite the fact that Robert Walker Jr. makes a serviceable lead, and seems game to take the whole affair seriously. Muir, John Kenneth (2013-10-25). Science Fiction and Fantasy Films of the 1970s (p. 104). The Lulu Show LLC. Kindle Edition.
Anyway... the much-belated sequel to THE BLOB (1958):

Star Trek TOS actor alert - lead actor Robert Walker, Jr. played the title character in the episode Charlie X in '66
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