Frankenstein Created Woman (1967 UK)

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Frankenstein Created Woman (1967 UK)

Post  BoG on Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:54 am

4th Hammer Frankenstein film, following The Evil of Frankenstein (1964). This entry revolves around the guillotine, harkening back to the first film. The first scene tales place about 15 years earlier, depicting an execution (the convicted man is played by Duncan Lamont, who had a larger role in the previous film as a constable). The execution is witnessed by the dead man's son, which naturally haunts him - and we figure that this style of execution will come into play later, with the grown son, Hans (Robert Morris - btw, Frankenstein's assistants are always named Hans up to this point). Hans has a romance with the local crippled girl (Susan Denberg), who is constantly tormented by the villains of the piece, three young wastrels who behave callously and sadistically, and who find her disfigured face a source of amusement. These three also end up killing her father and then pin the murder on Hans. So long, Hans.
Or, it would be so long if not for the presence of Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) in the vicinity. He has set up shop here with the local befuddled doctor (Thorley Walters) and his latest experiments involve the creation of an impenetrable force shield to trap a person's soul or lifeforce (a similar premise in the later The Asphyx/1972). The crippled girl commits suicide just after witnessing her lover's demise, so Frankenstein has two immediate bodies to work with. He fixes her up (Denberg now looking gorgeous) and installs the soul of Hans into her; it's a dandy of an experiment. The girl seems fine at first, but it doesn't take a genius to figure that Hans will have his revenge. Things take on a grisly tone as the girl is soon worshiping Han's severed head as a preamble to each stabbing.
By this point in the film series, the stories mostly revolve around the cheerful arrogance of Frankenstein. He moves about and speaks with this air of utter superiority, above it all. To him, the world is filled with peasants and ignoramuses, with him as the sole truly rational genius. Cushing played him as less cold in this and the previous film, reverting to more sociopath tendencies in the next one, Frankenstein Must be Destroyed (1969). There are tragic overtones to this one, as it seems that innocent victims will always be beaten down by the wicked ones. The film is slowly paced in the first half, taking time to get to the mad doctor's actual experimentation. Walters is an amusing Oliver Hardy-type comic foil.  BoG's Score: 6.5 out of 10
Star Trek TOS Actor Alert: Denberg appeared as one of the three alluring women in the episode Mudd's Women. She retired from acting just after completing this film role due to drug problems, returning to her home town.
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