Invisible Strangler (1976) (The Astral Factor)

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Invisible Strangler (1976) (The Astral Factor)

Post  BoG on Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:41 pm

This was an odd and pedestrian TV-movie-styled sf/horror film about a prison inmate (Frank Ashmore of the V series) who suddenly gains the ability to become invisible; it's suggested that he was engaged in meditation and mysticism studies to gain this ability. He easily escapes his imprisonment and proceeds to strangle various victims. The star is Robert Foxworth (The Questor Tapes), who plays the detective on the case. His girlfriend is played by Stephanie Powers, a quirky and randy lady who has an unexpected nude scene but serves no purpose other than to establish an eccentric flavor to the detective's off-duty life. Foxworth also shows off his butt in one scene, to make sure we know that it's not a TV movie. All the other roles - played by Elke Sommer, Sue Lyon, Leslie Parrish and Cesar Danova for example - are small, little more than walk-on parts that Foxworth encounters during his investigation. The film has a meandering pace and never seems to get anywhere. Existing prints of this film, on DVD, are poor. BoG's Score: 3 out of 10

Astral Trivia: an odd history for this film, as well: though filmed in 1976, it only gained a release in 1984, for some reason; alternate sources list it as a 1976 or a 1984 film, depending on where one looks.
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