Rocky Jones Space Ranger - Crash of the Moons (1954)

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Rocky Jones Space Ranger - Crash of the Moons (1954)

Post  BoG on Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:14 pm

FreeClassicMovies wrote:Released on July 10, 1954: Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, must save the universe from two moons about to crash and destroy space station OW-9, and the inhabitants of the two moons.
Directed by Hollingsworth Morse
Written by Warren Wilson.
The Actors: Richard Crane (Rocky Jones), Scotty Beckett (Winky), Sally Mansfield (Vena Ray), Robert Lyden (Bobby), Maurice Cass (Professor Newton), Charles Meredith (Secretary of Space Drake), Patsy Parsons (Cleolanta), Harry Lauter (Atlasan), Maria Palmer (Potonda), John Banner (Bavarro), Nan Leslie (Trinka)
Jimbo Berkey wrote:This movie is a series of three television episodes that you and I may have seen as children. It was edited together and released to movie theaters in 1954, but I would have seen this adventure on television. It would probably be a sunny Saturday morning, and I would have made several slices of toast with generous amounts of oleo and peanut butter slathered on them. I would carefully set up a metal tv tray in front of the couch and put my toast and a large mug of chocolate milk on it. While dipping my peanut butter covered toast in the chocolate milk and quickly devouring it, I would have been totally engrossed in this space adventure. I would imagine myself as one of the Space Rangers, jetting through the unknown galaxies exploring new worlds and finding new peoples.

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