episode #01 - Welcome Home, Jaime - Part 2

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episode #01 - Welcome Home, Jaime - Part 2

Post  BoG on Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:47 am

episode #1 of 1st season / Air Date: 1/21/76 Arrow written by Kenneth Johnson Arrow Directed by Alan Crosland

In the 2nd part of the introductory chapter of Jaime Sommer's new life, the story shifts into some thriller areas. The villain (Dennis Patrick) is a rich, corrupt industrialist whom Jaime ran into on her 2nd botched mission in The Return of the Bionic Woman, Part 2, an episode at the start of the 3rd season's Six Million Dollar Man series. The bionic duo were unable to nail this crook back then so he is still free; he became curious about this woman who apparently had great strength and speed. So, using his vast resources, he tracked her down and begins to test her powers - like sabotaging the brakes in her car to see what she will do. The new element in all this is the villain's son (Kip Niven), a recent graduate of law school who hopes his arrogant papa will go straight. No such luck.

The better parts of this episode is how Jaime is established as a resourceful, smart cookie in the same vein as her male counterpart. Some synopsis of this episode elsewhere state how OSI and/or Oscar Goldman develop a counter-plan when it looks like someone is after Jaime. No, it is in fact Jaime herself who comes up with the plan while Goldman just sort of nods in agreement while looking baffled. Jaime then has to play a role - that of a greedy, dissatisfied OSI operative - and she makes it work. It's also interesting to see Jaime in action in some scenes, since she is new to all this in comparison to Steve Austin. When she makes a 30-foot leap to a fire escape to avoid a moving car, it's simultaneously liberating, amusing and a bit frightening, both for her and the audience. BoG's Score: 6.5 out of 10
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