episode #06 - Bionic Beauty

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episode #06 - Bionic Beauty

Post  BoG on Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:27 pm

episode #6 of 1st season / Air Date: 3/17/76 Arrow written by James D. Parriott Arrow Directed by Alan Crosland

The bionic woman enters the sinister world of beauty pageants! Oscar makes a rather earnest plea of Jaime to enter this contest undercover as Miss CA; Jaime doesn't like such spectacles. The 'macguffin' in this episode is a micro computer circuit; the last message from a just-deceased OSI agent in Europe connected this sought-for gizmo with the beauty pageant. Could someone like Bert Parks really be involved in such underhanded scheming? How un-American (it's just a character played by Parks, of course, but Parks is basically imitating himself here - he was famous as the host of such contests in the sixties). Jaime goes in with her foster mom, Helen (Martha Scott) and soon the intrigue begins. The top two guys (Parks and Gary Crosby) running the pageant appear involved in spy stuff and they soon realize that Jaime is a ringer.
Jaime uses her bionic ear quite a bit in this episode - most of her work is accomplished through finding out stuff that way. There's also another contestant (Cassie Yates) who does everything she can to sabotage Jaime, but her motives are to win the title of Miss USA, not for criminal reasons. It's also unusual (and inadvisable, I would think) to see Jaime's mom along with her to share in the danger of a mission. By the point in the episode when Jaime is talking about keeping Helen out of danger, I really think it's too late pale . We also get to see Jaime sing "Feelings" on the stage... Rolling Eyes This is mostly a lame episode, though there is a pretty good action finale in a parking garage, when Jaime uses the full power of her bionic limbs. She also speaks about Steve Austin to Oscar on the telephone in a rather cute bit. BoG's Score: 5.5 out of 10
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