episode #10 - Fly Jaime

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episode #10 - Fly Jaime

Post  BoG on Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:17 pm

episode #10 of 1st season / Air Date: 5/5/76 Arrow written by Mann Rubin, Arthur Rowe Arrow Directed by Barry Crane

Jaime plays stewardess in this one in Brazil, flying back to home base with Dr. Rudy Wells (Martin E. Brooks) after Wells picks up something - a formula - from an old scientist. But, the old bionic bad luck strikes - in a severe thunderstorm, the airplane is hit by lightning. The pilots land it in the ocean but manage to get the craft near the coast of some island. Two of the crew are dead, but the passengers all survive; they situate themselves on the beach, while it seems that rescue will come soon (Oscar is on the way! Very Happy ). However, two of the passengers plan to do away with Wells. There's also a 3rd secret conspirator.

This episode recalls the 2nd episode in The Six Million Dollar Man series, Survival of the Fittest. In that one, Steve Austin & Oscar Goldman were the ones marooned with passengers on an island, also with a couple of assassins. The thing is, this Bionic Woman effort mirrors that older episode too well - the older one also had a secret 3rd villain. There's this feeling of deja vu here. Then there's the cliche: the hard-drinking fallen medical student (Chris Stone) who must get past his failings and save a life. There's also an amusing passenger (Vito Scotti) who has a serious crush on Jaime. Still, I understand why the producers chose to replay this sort of story - being marooned on an island is always automatic adventure. Jaime's bionic arm really comes into play in the final act. BoG's Score: 6 out of 10
Bionic Trivia: footage from Survival of the Fittest is used in this episode, which was created as a time-saving & cost-cutting measure for a rushed 1st season. The character played by Vito Scotti would return in a 2nd season episode, Assault on the Princess. Spencer Milligan plays one of the bad guys; he had a regular role on the Land of the Lost children's sci-fi series a couple of years earlier.
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