episode #51 - The Invaders

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episode #51 - The Invaders

Post  BoG on Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:23 pm

Air Date: 1/27/61  Arrow  written by Richard Matheson  Arrow  Directed by Douglas Heyes

One of the most famous episodes, about alien invaders: the entire episode takes place at an old cabin in the middle of nowhere, in which resides an old woman (Agnes Moorehead). She's just minding her own business, cooking and doing her daily chores, when a small flying saucer lands on top of her cabin. Next thing we know, she's under attack by a couple of miniature aliens in spacesuits; she has the size advantage but the aliens use these little zap guns which burn her. This concludes with one of the most memorable twists of the TZ show.
The episode is very unusual even by TZ standards; it resembles a short sci-fi/horror film, very atmospheric and intense. It's also relentless, with the persistent little aliens posing an on-going threat to the old woman for minutes on end, coming at her from all corners. But, the woman also has a sinister side - there's something unsettling about her, something grotesque (she gets pretty vicious by the end of the battle). There's no dialog - actress Moorehead has no lines - until a few words spoken at the very end. Matheson, the scripter, also wrote that Devil Doll episode in the TV movie Trilogy of Terror (75), about a small doll chasing a woman in her apartment; there are definite similarities. Very memorable. BoG's Score: 9 out of 10
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