Island of Terror (1966 UK)

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Island of Terror (1966 UK)

Post  BoG on Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:25 pm

Yes -- Island of Terror! Island of disturbing, grotesque creatures! Island of spontaneous division, with strange, spaghetti-like substance spilling out to our dismayed reaction!

aka The Night of the Silicates (1966) starring PETER CUSHING and EDWARD JUDD
Directed by TERENCE FISHER - color - 89m.
co-starring Carole Gray * Eddie Byrne * Niall MacGinnis * Sam Kydd

What are Silicates? They are very nasty creatures. And...they shouldn't exist. They were created by accident, by man-made science. This is the premiere Sci-Fi thriller of what I term the 'Science Amok' sub-genre. It takes place on an island, somewhere off the Irish coast, amid a typical, friendly farming community. Unfortunately for the inhabitants, a guest there, a scientist working on a cure for cancer, takes the wrong turn with his research. Before anyone can yell 'malpractice!' bodies are turning up with no bones. No Bones? No Bones about it!
This terrific little British Sci-Fi Horror feature was the follow-up by director Fisher and Planet Films to The Earth Dies Screaming (1964). They hit it out of the ballpark, as far as I'm concerned, and this may very well be my favorite 'movie fantastique' of the sixties. The whole film is like some waking nightmare - it doesn't take place all at night as one might expect - plenty of scenes are during daytime makes no difference; it's still creepy as hell Exclamation The most memorable scene (for me) was when one of the characters gets his bones sucked out; his death scream lasts about 10 seconds but I convinced myself it was a full minute when recalling this scene - that's how effective it was.  affraid

The whole thing is aided by fine performances by Cushing & Judd (as investigating doctors/experts who find way more than they bargained for) and a final shock/twist epilogue which still sends shivers down me spine. For any citizens out there concerned with the rapid progress of modern science, this is the pic they can use to further their agenda. Oh, and, love that music score! BoG's Score: 8.5 out of 10

Next in the Sci-Fi trilogy was Fisher's
Night of the Big Heat (1967) aka Island of the Burning Doomed (or is it Damned?)

Island of Trivia:
the conclusion has a similar story point to the much later The Mist of over 40 years later; surrounded by the monsters, the hero decides it might be better for his girlfriend to die a cleaner death via lethal injection; in The Mist, a revolver with a bullet seemed the better death...
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