episode #84 - Bigfoot V

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episode #84 - Bigfoot V

Post  BoG on Thu May 31, 2012 1:03 pm

episode #5 of 5th season / Air Date: 10/9/77  Arrow  written by Gregory S. Dinallo Arrow   directed by Rod Holcomb

Bigfoot a.k.a The Sasquatch (Ted Cassidy) returns for one final go-around with Steve Austin; the creature was last seen in The Return of Bigfoot, Part 2, which was actually a Bionic Woman episode. I guess this episode is named "Bigfoot V" because it's his 5th appearance, though he appeared in only two 2-part episodes previously. In this one, Bigfoot is awoken prematurely from his hibernation; unfortunately, his deep sleep also functioned as a slow metamorphosis, in which he was slowly changing into a biological lifeform, away from the bionics. Awoken in the middle of this slow change is not good for him; his two sides - animal & bionic - are in conflict, causing him pain and to behave in an erratic manner. Complicating things are a female anthropologist who is after her PH.D. and two wilderness guides (Geoffrey Lewis, Tony Young) after money and glory.
This turned out to be a rather disposable episode, a chance to see Austin tussle with Bigfoot one more time. It's on the dull side, with Bigfoot's rampages a product of his pained state; this all seems like a repeat of his previous appearance. The only added layer is that Austin & Bigfoot are old friends by this point - Austin keeps referring to him as "my friend." As an explanation, it's revealed that the aliens, instead of taking Bigfoot with them, decided to mutate him into an Earth-like animal so that he could stay on Earth. BoG's Score: 6 out of 10
Star Trek TOS actor alert: Besides Ted Cassidy (What Are Little Girls Made Of), Tony Young appeared in Elan of Troyius

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