Eliminators (1986)

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Eliminators (1986)

Post  BoG on Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:54 pm

In a hidden facility somewhere in the Amazon jungle, a twisted mad scientist (Roy Dotrice) has constructed a "Mandroid" (Patrick Reynolds) which he sends on time travel missions. The Mandroid - also called John Doe - was a downed pilot who has no memories of his past life (similar to the later Robocop). The mad scientist plans to deactivate the Mandroid, but the Mandroid escapes. However, his mission in life now is to return to the hidden base and gain revenge; to this end, he locates the inventor of his technology (Denise Crosby) and they head back to South America. They hire a sleazy boat guide (Andrew Prine) and later run into a ninja warrior (Conan Lee), the son of the scientist who tried to help John and who had been killed. Along with a small flying robot called "Spot," they are now a team - but Spot is the first casualty.

This one is unusual in that it doesn't take place in a future - at least it doesn't seem so - but has many of the well-known sci-fi conventions such as a cyborg, a nearly self-aware robot and various weaponry. The locale is unusual for such fare - mostly along a tropical river setting. It's low budget but compensates with an inventive plot, entertaining characters and an amusing sensibility, usually expressed by Prine's sarcastic Indiana Jones-type mercenary. Then the story throws in a time travel threat, as the megalomaniac villain plans to go back in time to rule the Roman Empire. He also converts himself into a superior cyborg - the climactic battle is nicely done. BoG's Score: 7 out of 10

E Trivia: bearded, big-bellied actor Pete Schrum as the villain's main henchman is probably better recognized for his brief role as the biker bar owner who tries to stop Arnold with a shotgun near the start of Terminator 2 Judgment Day (1991).

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