who are the Survivors?

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who are the Survivors?

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Survivors was a British show about an Armageddon created by Terry Nation that ran a total of 38 episodes over the course of 3 years. At the start of the first episode, things are still mostly the status quo, with just the hint of more people than usual getting sick. Very quickly, this turns out to be a pandemic, with most of the populace dying within a week. Certain people - a very few - get sick but recover, proving to have a rare immunity. We are introduced to a couple of these - the main characters - in this first episode.

The first is Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour), wife and mother, living in a London suburb. She loses her husband, but her son is away at school, so she is unsure of what happened to him. After burning down her home, she sets out on a quest to find him. The other is Jenny (Lucy Fleming), who works in London. A doctor friend of hers warns her to leave London before the worst happens and she finally realizes that's a good idea. She wanders in the countryside - most of the show takes place outside any city. The 3rd main character is introduced in the 2nd episode - Greg (Ian McCulloch), an engineer - a tall, confident man with pragmatic ideas. These three join up at the end of the 2nd episode.

The premise or theme behind the whole show was voiced in the 1st episode by this guy >
He was a schoolmaster whom Abby met while looking for her son. He explained that techniques to fashion the simplest instruments, such as candles and forks, were possible via the participation of thousands of individuals, all of whom were now gone. If the remaining survivors were to avoid falling back to barbarism in about a generation, they needed to go beyond simple scavenging - the prevalent plan - and learn how to construct such things (this was also the scenario in the classic sf novel Earth Abides, by George Stewart).

In the first half of the 1st season, the key characters were traveling to-and-fro, meeting other survivors. The goal, however, was to establish a base, a home, and this they finally did as the 2nd half of the season began - they set up shop in a large manor house, intending to farm the surrounding land, raise chickens, cultivate sheep and so forth. A few others joined the nexus of the main trio, including two small children. This became a post-holocaust commune and even an extended family; things seemed to be going well. But, tragedy soon strikes - death, execution, deceit - and we see that things may always be grim; that's the self-destructive nature of mankind carrying on even after the apocalypse.

The series continued in the 2nd season without Abby, who ostensibly left to search for her son after hearing some news about him. There was also a fire in the first episode of this 2nd season - a hasty plot device - eliminating a couple of other characters. Things seemed to be going downhill, in more ways than one. In the 3rd season, Greg all but disappeared; the other remaining characters searched for him, always, it seems, just a step behind, but, in keeping with the overall grim tone, their search would prove to be fruitless. It's no surprise that most fans consider the first season to be the best one.
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