Children of the Damned (1964 UK)

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Children of the Damned (1964 UK)

Post  BoG on Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:01 pm

Ostensibly a sequel to Village of the Damned (60), this one veers off from the original premise - that the new children are alien hybrids. By the end of this follow-up film, it's suggested that the kids with the glowing eyes may be highly evolved versions of humanity, perhaps on the order of a million years more evolved. There's no preparation or lengthy set-up as in the first film; by the point that the film begins, the new children have already existed for several years. There are a few of them scattered across the globe and they are already under investigation by a special government agency (represented mostly by compassionate Ian Hendry and the more pragmatic Alan Badel). The kids soon coalesce inside a dilapidated old church in England for some reason, along with one of the mothers. The church is soon under siege by the British army and we can surmise that things will not end peaceably.
The thrust of the story is mostly about the fears and needs of regular flawed humanity - the government representatives from various embassies have their agendas, whether to eliminate the children or make use of them somehow. The powers of the children are mostly confined to telepathy, though this extends to the ability for mind control - an effective tool. Their advanced minds are also capable of constructing some kind of sonic weapon. But, the conclusion of the film seems to encompass some mixed messages: the mayhem at the end is brought about by sheer accident; for a moment, it looked as if humanity was ready to make peace with the super kids. And, though these kids are supposedly dangerously superior, they are brought down rather easily by essentially one squad of soldiers. BoG's Score: 7 out of 10
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