Endangered Species (1982)

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Endangered Species (1982)

Post  BoG on Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:18 pm

Of all the films here, this one may be the least sci-fi, being more of a conspiracy thriller, but it implies in the early going that there are some well-known sci-fi tropes in this one, about possible alien forces conducting experiments in a rural area - the now infamous cattle mutilation mysteries. There were a few other films at about the same time revolving around this premise, such as The Return (1980), and this alien threat or presence was popularized by Spielberg's Close Encounters (77).  But, for this one, the only real sci-fi element is the extremes that a shadowy military agency might resort to. Robert Urich, then a TV star, comes on tough as a NYC cop who finds himself in a very different locale and deals with an escalating mystery. JoBeth Williams is the local sheriff who clashes with Urich and his attitude, but soon has other problems. Paul Dooley is the local newspaper man. Hoyt Axton plays the local bigwig who is involved in the conspiracy. And Peter Coyote (also in a similar role in that year's E.T.) is the shadowy military guy. BoG's Score: 7 out of 10

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