La Jetee (France)

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La Jetee (France)

Post  BoG on Tue Oct 07, 2014 12:08 am

Now-famous short (28m.) film (The Jetty  or "The Pier" - a reference to the focal point of the story, a pier at an airport) from France by Chris Marker, about time travel. It's unusual in that almost the entire film is composed of black-and-white stills and narration.  Besides time travel, the plot concerns nuclear holocaust: Paris is destroyed by the bomb and survivors eke out a dark existence underground. Eventually, one survivor is chosen to travel back in time - he is fixated on a moment from his childhood, a memory of a woman at an airport. He meets this woman in the past after traveling back in time. They have a brief romance as he returns to her on several occasions. At one point, he is sent into the far future, to a rebuilt Paris and futuristic humans; they give him a power supply to restart civilization. Back at his base, he realizes that he is to be executed - the ones sending him on his time travels are not confederates but jailers, his masters.  However, the future humans also appear there and offer to take him back with them. He elects, instead, to go back to the past, to meet the woman again at an airport. And it's there that he meets his destiny.
This film was obviously accomplished with no funds and does not rely on FX or explosions.  It succeeds as a haunting, poetic narrative, with a very memorable conclusion. BoG's Score: 7 out of 10. La Trivia: 12 Monkeys from Terry Gilliam and writer David Peoples in 1995 derived much of its story from this and many consider it a remake of La Jetee.

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