Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968)

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Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968)

Post  BoG on Fri Oct 17, 2014 9:34 pm

What's Happening: Mutant plant-man attacks natives on South Seas island
Famous For: Second entry in Filipino-made Blood Island trilogy
Samuel M. Sherman, in his lively commentary included on the Image DVD, considers Mad Doctor the best of the Blood Island films. He praises its unusually complex story, its sincere acting, its superior sound, and even its much-maligned "zooming" camera work during the monster attacks. Most viewers, myself included, find the frenetic zoom-in/ zoom-out to be annoying at best, nauseating at worst. Sherman thinks it is "incredible." At any rate, Sherman's commentary for this film, which takes about half the length, is the best of the many commentaries he offers on films distributed by his company Independent International. He comments not just on the production/ promotion/ distribution but occasionally on the cinematography and themes. He expresses disdain for the brief goat and pig-killing scene. The two-minute "green blood promo" prologue was added at his request.

If you liked Brides of Blood, then you might as well watch Mad Doctor. It's the same type of thing but more extreme. White folks arrive at the island, only to get caught up in a mystery involving a hideous mutant monster who kills young women. You get five times as many flashes of nudity and five times as much gore. Many of the same actors re-appear in similar roles. Angelique Pettyjohn, scantily clad throughout the film and naked for three seconds, is also known to genre fans from the "Gamesters of Triskelion" episode of Star Trek (1968).

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