episode #22 - Billy the Kid

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episode #22 - Billy the Kid

Post  BoG on Fri Oct 31, 2014 11:14 pm

episode #22 / Air Date: 02.10.67
written by William Welch; Directed by Nathan Juran

Doug & Tony arrive in the Old West town of Lincoln, New Mexico, 1881, and make the acquaintance of William Bonney, a.k.a. Billy the Kid (Robert Walker, Jr.), stuck in a jail cell. His gang quickly breaks him out and Billy murders the deputy; Doug, however, seemingly shoots and kills Billy. This causes a lot of confusion for the Time Tunnel personnel, who know that Billy the Kid was supposed to be killed by Pat Garrett 3 months later. This all turns out to be a mistake, since Doug's bullet simply struck Billy's belt buckle and knocked him out for a brief spell. Billy hunts down the two travelers and, to the worry of the Time Tunnel personnel, they read in a history book that Billy did kill a couple of unknown strangers at that time.  There's more confusion later when Tony is mistaken for Billy and is arrested.

This episode revolves around perhaps the most famous duo of the American Old West - lawman Pat Garrett and outlaw Billy the Kid. Garrett (Allen Case) shows up late in the episode and adds to the puzzlement by identifying Tony as Billy, but he later explains that he was wondering if this was one of Billy's latest tricks and he just played along briefly. Most of the tension in the latter half was about preventing a lynch mob from grabbing Tony. Walker, Jr. was well suited to play the troublesome kid.  BoG's Score: 6 out of 10

Epilogue: Doug & Tony land on a pirate ship in the middle of a sea battle and are captured by the pirates...

Star Trek TOS actor alert: Walker Jr. played another troublesome kid in the episode Charlie X; also in this episode as Garrett's deputy is John Crawford - he appeared in The Galileo Seven; Crawford also guested in a couple of other Time Tunnel episodes, playing a Brit.
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