episode #13 - The Alamo

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episode #13 - The Alamo

Post  BoG on Sat Nov 01, 2014 4:41 pm

episode #13 / Air Date: 12.09.66
written by Bob & Wanda Duncan; Directed by Sobey Martin

Doug & Tony end up inside The Alamo mission/fort on March 6th, 1836 - Doug quickly establishes that a full attack by the Mexican army will occur later that same day and will kill everyone inside the 'Last Stand' fortified mission.  Davy Crockett is already dead; they meet commander Colonel Travis (Rhodes Reason). Also still in the fight is the famous Jim Bowie (Jim Davis, later famous on the Dallas TV series). In the 1968 Control Room, we are given the sobering historical stats: the Mexican army has about 6000 soldiers besieging this little fort, while the defenders number only about 180. The '68 crew quickly try to figure out a way to get the two time travelers out of there, since they know that all inside are doomed in 9 hours. Tony quickly makes a mess of things by trying to convince Travis to at least evacuate the injured; he's placed in confinement with Doug and later causes a serious injury to Bowie as he finally escapes the mission to get a doctor. He then gets captured by a lone Mexican scout.

The trying thing about Tony and his actions in such an episode is that he behaves foolishly even with all the knowledge he has of history (or, maybe Doug is the one with all the knowledge and Tony is just ignorant).  Tony aggravates Travis even as he should know all about this historical figure's pride and stubbornness.  He then makes it his prime objective to get a doctor for Doug (who gets a head injury) even as he should know that all medical aid must be directed towards all the numerous injured.  The more interesting scene is when Travis is accidentally taken into the Time Tunnel; Whit Bissell as the general explains everything to him, never considering that giving Travis all this foreknowledge might make Travis change history. I guess the general figured that Travis would die no matter what after being sent back. It's all clumsily plotted: near the end of the episode, when the full attack by the Mexican army has already begun, Tony and the doctor miraculously show up inside the fort and, by that point, Doug no longer needs a doctor (quick recovery in TV time).  BoG's Score: 5 out of 10

Epilogue: Doug & Tony land in a very hot  desert and are soon accosted by several riders... STOCK FOOTAGE FROM: The Alamo (1960)

Star Trek TOS Actor Alert: Rhodes Reason played an escaped slave in Bread and Circuses; Elizabeth Rogers also has a small role here as a wife of one of the fort's defenders; she guested in a couple of Star Trek episodes as a crew member.
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