Batman & Robin (1997)

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Batman & Robin (1997)

Post  BoG on Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:26 am

They piled on the stars with this one, the 4th Batman film after Batman Forever (95), toplined by Schwarzenegger as villain Mr. Freeze, teamed with other new villain Poison Ivy (Uma). The other new addition - Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone) - following in the footsteps of the much more iconic sixties version played by Yvonne Craig. New hot TV star George Clooney stepped into the Batman costume, replacing Val Kilmer; Chris O'Donnell returned as Robin, as well as Michael Gough as Alfred and Pat Hingle as Gordon. There was even an early version of villain Bane. None of this helped director Schumacher's follow-up to the previous film; he also piled on the glitter and camp...
SFX Special Edition #40 wrote:Schumacher ended up having to apologize for this awful mess that brought back the 60s camp, but forgot to keep the irony. Pantomime performances from Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze and Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy barely distract from Clooney's tongue-in-cheek Batman with his daft suit nipples and the awful nonsensical plot. There's a barrage of the most excruciating ice-related gags ("What killed duh dinosaurs? Der Ice Age!") which become like psychological warfare on the audience. And Bane, the hulking monstrosity who broke Batman's back in the comics, is reduced to a grunting henchman in a Mexican wrestler's mask.
The plot actually expanded the role for Alfred; Batgirl is his niece and he is dying of a rare disease, but this depressing sidelight doesn't fit well with the rest of the film. Most of the film is all but unwatchable. BoG's Score: 2 out of 10  
Batty Trivia: though this had a then-big opening weekend of $42 million, 3rd biggest of the year, it dropped off precipitously after, grossing far less than the previous Batman films at $107 million domestically, temporarily halting the franchise.
Wikipedia wrote:Batman & Robin was released on June 20, 1997 to extremely negative reviews and is often regarded as one of the worst superhero films ever made. Subsequently, Warner Bros. cancelled the unproduced Batman Triumphant and the film series was eventually rebooted with Batman Begins (2005) by director Christopher Nolan.
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