episode #090 - The Fugitive

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episode #090 - The Fugitive

Post  BoG on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:43 am

Air Date: 03/09/62 Idea Writer(s): Charles Beaumont Idea Director: Richard L. Bare

An old man turns out to be an alien prince in disguise... Buzzfeed ranked this the 35th worst episode:
Rod Serling categorizes “The Fugitive” as a mashup of sci-fi (“the improbable made possible”) and fantasy (“the impossible made probable”), and the story — of an alien king who’s trying to shirk his duties by posing as a sweet old man — is convoluted in a mythical, fantastical kind of way. How cool would it have been, as a little kid, to find out your friend was actually an alien with magic powers? The fact that little Jenny grows up to be Old Ben’s bride, though, is…unsettling.
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