episode #078 - Once Upon a Time

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episode #078 - Once Upon a Time

Post  BoG on Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:28 pm

Air Date: 12/15/61 Idea  Writer: Richard Matheson  Idea  Director: Norman Z. McLeod

The rare true comedy effort from the TZ, about time travel; it emulates silent era Chaplin/Keaton comedy;
Buzzfeed rated it #89 out of 156 episodes:
It’s hard to judge “Once Upon a Time” against other episodes; it’s singular in that it’s really a comedy — Hi, Buster Keaton! — and an homage to the old-fashioned slapstick of silent films. But it does have that Twilight Zone touch, in the form of a “time helmet,” which transports an unhappy man from 1890s to the future, where he finds he’s even less happy and quickly returns. It’s cute, if anticlimactic.

I just couldn't get into it - this one seems to strain for laughs.  BoG's Score: 5 out of 10
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