Night of the Blood Beast

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Night of the Blood Beast

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FreeClassicMovies wrote:Released in August 1958:
The first astronaut into space returns with a belly full of baby space monster fetuses and a space monster to protect them.
Produced by Roger Corman and Gene Corman
Directed by Bernard L. Kowalski
Written by Gene Corman and Martin Varno
The Actors: John Baer (Steve Dunlap), Angela Greene (Doctor Julie Benson), Ed Nelson (Dave Randall), Georgianna Carter (Donna Bixby), Michael Emmet (astronaut Major John Corcoran)
Jimbo Berkey wrote:The fertile minds of Roger Corman and brother Gene Corman went to work and in August of 1958 brought us a peek into the future, or the mind-stretching possible future of man in space, and space aliens in man. Astronaut Major John Corcoran is in outer space in a U.S. rocket ship and things are not going well, and his rocket ship crashes into the wilderness. When a rescue team reaches the rocket ship they discover that the astronaut is dead, but hours later when Doctor Julie Benson and Doctor Alex Wyman reach the dead astronaut they discover that his body has not started to decay with rigor-mortis, and although there is no trace of a heartbeat his blood pressure is near normal.
Two things happen that bring us to the edge of our seats . . . a mysterious large monster is around that isn't fazed by gunshots, and the 'dead' astronaut comes to life and an examination determines that he is carrying several small fetuses of a strange alien creature - he is the first mother of outer space monsters come to earth. What follows is an ever unfolding tale of science fiction that even many decades later can bring bumps of the goose ot our flesh and thoughts of real outer space creatures among us.
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