Hands of a Stranger

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Hands of a Stranger

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FreeClassicMovies wrote:Released on April 22, 1962:
The hands of a murdered man are grafted onto the wrists of a concert pianist after his hands are crushed in an auto accident.
Produced by Newt Arnold and Michael Du Pont
Directed by Newt Arnold
Written by Maurice Renard with screenplay by Newt Arnold
The Actors: Paul Lukather (Doctor Gil Harding), Joan Harvey (Dina Paris), James Noah (Vernon Paris), Ted Otis (Doctor Ross Compton), Michael Rye (George Britton), Laurence Haddon (Police Lieutenant Syms), Elaine Martone (Eileen Hunter), George Sawaya (Tony Wilder, cab driver), Michael Du Pont (Doctor Ken Fry), Sally Kellerman (Sue)
Jimbo Berkey wrote:What is Past is Prologue . . .
I live about an hour away from the Cleveland Clinic hospital where the first face transplant was accomplished a couple of years ago, but back in 1962 a face transplant, or a heart transplant would have been pure science fiction. Michael du Pont, the dark haired young surgeon Ken, helped finance this sci-fi horror movie based on a French novel by Maurice RĂ©nard. As our adventure opens a man walking down a dark and lonely big city street is gunned down by gangsters driving by, and his strong, long-fingered hands grip a street light pole as he nears death. Surgeon Gil Harding works on the dying man with every bit of skill that he has, but in vain. Across town concert pianist Vernon Paris is in the middle of his greatest performance, and his future looks very bright indeed. He has become one of the greatest concert pianists in the world, and the world is applauding his talents. Later, on his way home in a taxi, there is a great car accident, and the same surgeon is at the hospital working on the famous and talented hands that have become mangled in the wreckage of the crash. Suddenly an inspired idea enters the surgeons mind . . . The hands of the murdered man are fine, strong hands . . . . What if . . .
What if the surgeon could graft the strong hands of the murdered stranger onto the wrists of the concert pianist? . . . Medical science will take a giant leap forward if the operation is successful. With the help of the young surgeon and a nurse the operation is completed, and the concert pianist now has new, powerful hands that will play the piano with the same talent and skill as the performer's real hands . . . Maybe . . . After the surgery is over the young performer tries to make his new hands play the piano just like his real hands did in the past, but it just doesn't go well. There is another problem with his new hands . . . . They seem to be involved with killing all of the people in his life that were involved with his new hands and his new life.
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