#50: The Martians Are Coming, The Martians Are Coming

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#50: The Martians Are Coming, The Martians Are Coming

Post  BoG on Tue May 12, 2015 2:47 pm

Air Date: 01/28/78 Arrow  written by Robert A. Urso, Tom August, and Helen August Arrow  Directed by Larry Stewart

This one seemed like another plot about invading aliens from outer space - a bright orange spaceship is spotted flying off the coast of a CA town and it whisks away Rudy Wells and his  buddy Ray (Jack Kelly) while they're on a wharf.  But,
it all turns out to be a hoax - Ray is in on the plot to make some quick money.  The spaceship is merely a hologram surrounding a helicopter. The double surprise is that Ray's worried wife (Lynn Carlin) is also in on the plot.  Then, they themselves are double-crossed - greed will get ya nowhere!
This episode had some surprises, though the FX were pretty limited for those days. Jaime gets to flirt with a possible new boyfriend, a snoopy reporter (Jim McMullan). For once, she does not reveal her secret to him.  BoG's Score: 6 out of 10
Spaceship Trivia: Jack Kelly played an astronaut, the executive officer, on a spaceship in the famous Forbidden Planet (1956)
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