#53: Which One is Jaime?

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#53: Which One is Jaime?

Post  BoG on Tue May 12, 2015 4:43 pm

Air Date: 02/25/78 Arrow  written by Jim Carlson, Terrence McDonnell, Martha Humphreys, and Ted Pedersen Arrow  Directed by Jack Arnold

Jaime is targeted by some mysterious bad guy who hires a shady firm which specializes in abduction and delivery. Fortunately, Oscar's OSI intel people tell him that there is a plot to kidnap Jaime. Unfortunately, Oscar chooses a bizarre method to approach the problem: he keeps Jaime in the dark and just informs her abruptly that she's needed immediately for a mission to the Far East.  His thinking was that if Jaime was told the truth, she would do something drastic. But, things go bad anyway; while Jaime is kept waiting at OSI HQ, Oscar's secretary and Jaime's buddy Callahan stays at her place to take care of Max, Jaime's bionic dog. This includes going to the local shopping center in Jaime's car. Since the villains gained their own intel on Jaime's routine, they spot Callahan arriving at the shopping center and kidnap her. Max, who was brought along by Callahan, is left trapped in the car but manages to escape and tail the bad guys to their hideout, at a deserted amusement park. Eventually, Jaime makes her way there, too.
This was an above average episode chiefly due to the bad guys (mainly played by Brock Peters & James B. Sikking); they're confident and secure in the way they  do these things, but they have really muffed it by snagging the wrong woman (why these pros had no photo of Jaime is another matter). They're also skeptical of these bionic abilities (mentioned by the guy who hired them, which is why he wants Jaime).  Of course, looking at the very small Callahan, they remain skeptical even as they chain her as a precaution.  The story does miss a couple of opportunities to make it look like Callahan has these bionic abilities - Max performs some bionic tricks and it could have looked to the villains that Callahan does indeed have these powers. But, the story was more straightforward; Jennifer Darling as Callahan was amusing as she usually is on the show. Most of the story spotlights Max and what he can do; Jaime only enters into action mode at the very end. BoG's Score: 6.5 out of 10
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