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Star Trek Publicity

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STAR TREK - TOS Publicity and Promotional Photos

There exists a load of Star Trek promotional/publicity material - shots of the actors posing in their roles, not associated with any particular episode. Some of these photos were taken right before the series began filming; others were taken after the first or second year. The picture above is of Kirk (Shatner) with Yeoman Smith (Andrea Dromm), who appeared only in the pilot Where No Man Has Gone Before; she was replaced by Yeoman Rand (Grace Lee Whitney). A few of these pics are quite rare, remaining hidden or not making their way to the public until many years later. Not too many words are needed for these; let the pictures speak for themselves (with a few exceptions).

click the following to see STAR TREK ON THE SET in the sixties

ABOVE: rare photos of Shatner and Nimoy taken by photographer Ken Whitmore

ABOVE: this photo was obviously taken after the 2nd season began filming and perhaps even at the
start of the 3rd; note the presence of Chekov and also Scotty's hairstyle. STAR TREK TOS

click here for Star Trek NBC Promo 1966 Idea ; Star Trek 2nd season NBC Promo
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