Escapement (UK) a.k.a. Electronic Monster

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Escapement (UK) a.k.a. Electronic Monster

Post  BoG on Wed Jun 10, 2015 4:50 pm

Slow-moving thriller that comes across like a dry insurance investigation in the first act: in the first scene, a movie star dies in an auto accident on the French Riviera and the audience is shown  that he was hallucinating or his vision was blurring just before the crash. The insurance company sends their best man (big Rod Cameron) to France to determine if the accident was a suicide or something that may make them avoid paying the $250,000 claim, since the actor had just begun shooting a film and costs for non-completion are steadily rising.  Cute Mary Murphy plays an ex-flame of the insurance guy who happens to be at the clinic which seems to have the answers that the investigator is looking for (see video excerpts).

The plot eventually reveals a sinister clinic which is involved in brainwashing its clients or patients. There are a trio of culprits and one of them is naturally an ex-Nazi.  There are signs of advanced techniques and hardware, such as containment capsules for patients, though all of it looks outdated and cheap now. The film does have some ahead-of-its-time surrealistic imagery, more common in the sixties, but it is very slow until the final minutes, when there's finally some action, including well-staged fisticuffs with star Cameron. BoG's Score: 4 out of 10

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