Phantom From 10,000 Leagues (1956)

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Phantom From 10,000 Leagues (1956)

Post  BoG on Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:04 pm

A lot of this takes place on the beach; bodies end up there after encountering some goofy-looking monster in the ocean. It begins with a fisherman getting tossed from his little boat; the monster doesn't chew him, though; the plot concerns radiation that this monster gives off - that kills the man and subsequent victims. A scientist (Kent Taylor) sent by the government to investigate teams up with another agent who starts out suspicious of him (they were unaware of each other - a mix-up). Something to hide seems to be the local scientist, Dr. King (Michael Whalen, who resembles Robert Ryan), whose snoopy secretary is actually spying on him (something to do with her son's death). Then there's another sneaky character (Phillip Pine) who likes to shoot people with a spear gun.

All this sounds exciting but it's very dull, with a very slow pace and a very low budget. The story structure is a little strange, seeming to begin at a point as if the first 10 minutes are missing (the investigating scientist is already there, having met a couple of characters before the film begins). Some of this also reminded me of Ed Wood's style, staging and methods, like putting up a sign titled 'County Morgue' on a brick wall behind two talking characters. Other stuff is almost nonsensical, such as stock footage of an exploding ship. Taylor's character begins a relationship with King's daughter (Cathy Downs) and they're both stiff, slightly amateurish,  though Taylor at least projects some authority. BoG's Score: 2 out of 10 / The D List

Trivia From 10,000 Leagues: Star Trek TOS actor alert - actor Pine appeared in the episode The Savage Curtain
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