Episode #33: Unnatural Selection

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Episode #33: Unnatural Selection

Post  BoG on Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:00 pm

UNNATURAL SELECTION - episode #7 of 2nd season / Air Date: 1/30/89
written by John Mason, Mike Gray; Directed by Paul Lynch

Remember the aging disease in the TOS episode, The Deadly Years? Here we go again. The Enterprise hears a distress signal from another ship; by the time they reach it, everyone aboard is dead of old age. The origin of the malady is traced to a genetic research station. There, scientists have created the new breed of children - these look like young adults; but, of course, they are ultimately the cause of this new strain. Dr. Pulaski, more stubborn than ever, seeks to prove that the 'new kids' are not the problem; she's wrong and gets infected.
ABOVE: Pulaski at 80; then, Pulaski at 90... or maybe 100 silent

Like many early TNG episodes, this one lacks a focus. These new children, the next step in humanity perhaps, seem like what the story should revolve around. But, they become just one of several plot points - we see only one of these 'kids.' Instead, this episode is mostly about examining Pulaski's character. This confirms what I mentioned earlier, in her intro episode (The Child) - she is the female, 24th century version of Dr. McCoy; she even has the same aversion to transporters. This episode is designed to further her relationship with Picard, which is not very smooth. BoG's Score: 5 out of 10.

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