Episode #32: The Schizoid Man

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Episode #32: The Schizoid Man

Post  BoG on Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:12 pm

THE SCHIZOID MAN - episode #6, season #2 / Air Date: 1/23/89
written by Tracy Torme, Gene Roddenberry; Directed by Les Landau

Data's mind and body are taken over by an old fart - Ira Graves (W. Morgan Sheppard), perhaps the greatest genius of the 24th century. Graves has been working on some cybernetics breakthrough in isolation on some planet. But, he's ill. A landing party responds to a distress call from his young female assistant and it's soon determined that Graves is terminal. But, Graves will not go quietly into that good night; by chance, Data is a member of that landing party and Graves sees an unexpected opportunity.

Graves dies a day or so later. But, back on the Enterprise, Data is behaving oddly. Then, things start to take a violent turn. This is mildly entertaining - an often used story of a regular character, such as Spock, assuming a different personality and the concept of transferring a mind to a new receptacle. This isn't able to do much with the premise; there's too long a build-up, Graves is very enamored of his young assistant (she is very cute) and there's no explanation for why the new Graves/Data has violent impulses; "something has gone wrong" Picard states - that's about it. However, Data's antagonism towards Picard does have a few moments, especially when he expects an apology from the captain Laughing .
Also, for some reason, we are introduced to Dr. Selar (Suzie Plakson), a Vulcan doctor on board who takes the place of Pulaski in the landing party because Pulaski had to attend to victims on another ship. Plakson as Selar does cut a striking figure, but I didn't get all this - unless it's that Pulaski wouldn't have plausibly allowed Graves to get away with what he did plotwise. This was also another early episode to expand on Data's quasi-family: Graves is like his grandfather; Graves was a father-figure (or so he says) to Soong, Data's father-creator. Lore, introduced in the first season, is Data's brother. And, the Data of this episode behaves a lot like Lore. Wink BoG's Score: 6 out of 10

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TNG Trivia: actress Plakson would return as the much different and more memorable character K'Ehleyr, the unusual half-human/half-Klingon female in the episode The Emissary
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