Episode #34: A Matter of Honor

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Episode #34: A Matter of Honor

Post  BoG on Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:17 pm

A MATTER OF HONOR episode #8 of season #2 / Air Date: 2/6/89
written by Burton Armus (teleplay), Wanda M. Haight, Gregory W. Amos;
Directed by Rob Bowman

Actually, this is a matter of an officers exchange program; they still have those in the 24th century, though I guess they're more dramatic. The Enterprise welcomes a number of new ensigns aboard, including a Benzite (John Putch, last seen in the 1st season's Coming of Age). Wesley mistakes him for an old buddy since they look alike; this Benzite is not shy about offering ideas for improvements, irritating everyone on the bridge, including Worf (not wise to irritate a Klingon). Mad
But, speaking of Klingons, the big story is Riker volunteering to fill an available first officer position on a Klingon ship, The Pagh (doesn't that mean 'nothing' or zero?).  Most others think he's foolhardy to do this, with good reason: his first order of business is to beat up the Klingon 2nd officer (Brian Thompson) and then he's in danger of being raped by a couple of randy Klingon females. Riker takes it all in stride, of course. The bigger picture of the story is that, despite what seems like a truly alien culture to us, there are only superficial differences between Klingons and humans, a commentary on real world prejudices & fears.
The best scene is when Riker gets into an illuminating conversation with a couple of Klingons during their 'lunch break.'  Still, Riker's tenure on the Klingon ship turns out to be brief - this is hinted at as being fortunate, since eventually he would be in some irrevocable conflict on board, such as needing to assassinate the captain or something - and the subplot about some bacterial damage to both ships is kind of contrived. But, for any fans of the Klingons, this episode is practically must viewing - just to see the assortment of Klingon dishes on display here - so scrumptious! BoG's Score: 7 out of 10

TNG Trivia: this was the highest rated TNG episode to date back then; O'Brien (Colm Meaney) got his name in this one; the Klingon food here included heart of targ, rokeg blood pie, pipius claw and, of course, gagh (serpent worms - true Klingons eat these live).
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